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— $17 Drop-in class fee (unless otherwise noted)
— $150 for 10-Class Community Pass
— $240 for 20-Class Community Pass
— $100 for 10-Class Fitness Pass (Fitness classes only: Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Cardio Groove)

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Community Class Policies

All classes are for age 13+ unless otherwise noted
For questions and further information please contact us at berkshire.pulse@gmail.com or 413.274.6624.



Bettina Montano

This gentle dance class for adults is based on breath, flow, rhythm and release. Drawing on various expressions and techniques of modern dance, classwork includes opening with structured improvisation into warm-up exercises in center and moving into joyful and dynamic phrases across the floor.


Ryoko Kudo
Intermediate+ (Intergenerational Age 13-Adult)

This modern class will be an introduction to the Limón Style for dancers with previous dance experience. Dancers will explore the principles of the Limón Technique focusing on coordination of breath and weight in terms of falling, rebounding, and suspending. Movements with phrase work will be introduced, to warm up the body as an orchestra and then travel through space. Dancers will gain a deeper understanding of different uses of effort to play with dynamic ranges, as well as clarify intentions and motivations for movement with musical sensitivity.

Topics frequently emphasized will be the conscious use of breath, alignment, clarity of movement, rhythmic versatility, employment of musicality, creative expression and strength. A conscientious group experience is an essential component to the individual and group goals of this class.


Bettina Montano

Drawing from a variety of modern dance traditions and techniques, this class emphasizes technical and artistic classwork which develops strength, flexibility, alignment, musicality and versatility of expression. Classes begin with structured improvisation and extensive floor-work, progressing to dynamic phrases in center, at the barre and traveling across the floor.


Bettina Montano
open level

A chance to refuel, invigorate and release, this class offers students an opportunity to explore the dynamic and sumptuous feeling of movement in a broad range of Modern and Jazz dance styles. After a thorough warm-up in center including basic Jazz technique, isolations, and rhythmic exercises, class will progress with sequences across the floor and finish with the study of movement combinations.



Fiona Scruggs
for beginners, though all levels are welcome!

Learn or re-orientate yourself to the wonderful world of classical ballet. Engage your mind body and spirit to lengthen, strengthen to tone yourself using ballets beautiful practices at the barre, adagio in center and more. Students will be instructed or reoriented in ballet foundational posture alignment and to use their body and breath as an expression of beauty through graceful movement – Beginner, Advanced Beginner and all those with “beginner’s mind” welcome.


Ryoko Kudo
Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

This class offers students with previous ballet experience the opportunity to revisit, expand, and develop their movement experience of Classical Ballet. Class begins with slow thorough barre work, followed by spacious movement exercises in center and traveling combinations across the floor. Emphasis is on body alignment, movement efficiency, and developing a safe practice that increases strength, ease and precision, as well as facilitating the development of whole-body movement and musicality.



Veronica Bone
Ages 13+, open level

A modern floor warm-up followed by center and across the floor contemporary dance exercises. We will explore groundedness, eye tracking, inversions, traveling, floor work, and rhythm. The end of class will end with a section of choreography.


Ngonda Badila

In this class we will explore movements and songs of west and central Africa. We will move and tell the stories of our African ancestors, grow and cultivate community, and establish a tribe. Classes will begin with an intention and end with a reflection as we journey through releasing and opening our mind, body and hearts.


Anna Maciero
Ages 12 and under, prior dance experience required; ages 13 and older, open level

The Hip Hop classes at Pulse are about individual self-expression. Through the introduction of Hip Hop fundamentals, students explore the outer kinesphere of movement technique, body shapes, and rhythm, while investigating new language of expression within themselves. In a safe, judgment-free atmosphere, classes guide students to connect two things: personal movement and self-confidence. In addition to Hip Hop techniques, dancers will be grappling and playing with a wide variety of different dance forms to develop confidence, advance physical conditioning and solidify ability to express with intention and clarity of movement. This class emphasizes physical intensity, passion, and self-authenticity.

FLAMENCO – For Men and Women

Flamenco is proud and unique. The one who feels it cannot describe it, it hits the heart, not the intellect. Flamenco is a global art form, originating with the gypsies in Andalucia, and growing beyond the boundaries of Spain and now, well known all over the world. Flamenco dance and music embodies universal and genuine human emotion, which transcends culture to touch the souls of all people. Flamenco is an expression of love, passion, and joy, but also of anger and great grief. Flamenco offers a rich transformative experience and a lifelong journey of discovery, challenge, and development.


Joanne Bockemuehl-Jackson
For Teens and Adults Ages 13+ (Beginners)

In this class, beginner students will be introduced to all the basic aspects of Flamenco. Weekly classes will focus on footwork (as a percussion instrument), upper body coordination, understanding flamenco music, and compás and proper posture and breathing. With consistent attendance, students will begin to develop the muscular strength, movement skills, artistic nuance and musicality necessary for flamenco dance.


Joanne Bockemuehl-Jackson
Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

In this class, students will learn to express themselves with dramatic movements while further developing skillful footwork and an enhanced understanding of the exciting rhythms and soulful songs of gypsy music. With consistent attendance, students develop the muscular strength, movement ability, artistic nuance and musicality necessary for flamenco dance.


Kristine Waterman
All levels

Cost: $150 for a 10 class pass
There is no drop in for this class; pre-registration is required. Call or email and let us know you are coming.

The Dance Expressions for Adults class offers a space for participants to explore creative process in a supportive environment. Incorporating a variety of genres of dance, each class will involve general technique, alignment and core strength training as well as dance workout conditioning. Equal emphasis will be on gaining and building skills associated with creating and working in community. Through improvisation and dance making exercises we will work together to create original movement and choreography that fully expresses each dancer’s inner voice and identity.

Non dancers and beginners encouraged to join!


Tarcisio Ramos Dos Santos
10 or 20 class pass. Drop in payment only for trying first class

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that incorporates acrobatic movements, dance, and kicks, with traditional Capoeira music. Through Capoeira, students will build strength and flexibility as well as rhythm and coordination. For all levels!



*Included in the 10-Class Fitness Pass!

Erin Naylor

This alignment-based yoga is a wonderful way to build balance, flexibility and strength while encouraging self-care and relying on breath. This class can be for everyone whether you are a beginner student, new to practicing yoga or someone looking to deepen their own personal practice. Yoga is a wonderful way to wake up the mind as well as the body.


*Included in the 10-Class Fitness Pass!

Erin Naylor
All levels welcome!

Whether this is your first or two hundredth class, you’ll feel right at home here! With an emphasis on basic alignment and foundations, asana (postures), pranayama (breath exercises) and meditation are broken down for greater understanding and exploration of the body. Questions and requests are encouraged. Detailed instruction is provided, and all are welcome.


*Included in the 10-Class Fitness Pass!

Mimi Rosenblatt
All levels welcome!

This gentle class combines traditional Hatha yoga poses with core strengthening to promote and enhance flexibility, balance, muscular strength and coordination. Gentle Yoga Flow is the integration of physical, emotional and energetic well-being and stress reduction. Expect beautiful music, humor and compassion as we explore our mind-body connections together.


*Included in the 10-Class Fitness Pass!

Lisa Darling
Ages 15-Adult
Prior yoga experience recommended

This class begins with a warm-up to prepare the body for a moderate Vinyasa flow, and move through postures using Sun Salutations. Coordinating breath with movement as the flow builds, is essential for students to receive the most benefits while taking a yoga class. This class strengthens the body. Students are invited to focus on the breathing while flowing through the postures. This allows focus through meditation and breathing exercises.


*This class is not included in the Berkshire Pulse Community Class Program. A per class fee is directly due to the instructor.

Sifu Kathy Crowe and Sifu David Crowe

Manage stress and enhance your health, focus, balance and vitality with the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. A unique form of “moving meditation,” tai chi calms the mind, relaxes the body and strengthens the spirit. Much of tai chi is practiced slowly and gently, ideal for people of all ages and health conditions. Classes will include qi gong (energy cultivation), along with stretching and conditioning exercises. Sifu Kathy Crowe and Sifu David Crowe are certified teachers of authentic Ch’ang style tai chi.

Berkshire Tai Chi classes now include instruction in Dragon and Tiger Qigong, a simple yet very powerful set of movements designed to cultivate and move chi through the body. It is a 1,500-year-old self-healing movement system, based on the principles of acupuncture. Qigong, or energy work, helps develop good structure, vitality, balance and coordination, while gently increasing flexibility and stretching soft tissues of the body. Tai chi is a qigong form.

Sifu David Crowe’s study of Dragon and Tiger Qigong includes intensive training sessions with Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis, who brought this practice to the west after years of training in China.


*Included in the 10-Class Fitness Pass!

Lindsey Berkowitz

A workout disguised as a party! Follow along for an upbeat and energetic fitness experience. Absolutely no experience necessary – plenty of fun for all. Awesome, international style rhythms and movements, to learn and enjoy. Have a blast doing something great for your body and your soul.


*Included in the 10-Class Fitness Pass!

Jody Jones

Pilates was born as a practice not only to help strengthen and fortify the body for all our daily activities — plus sports (including dance), but also to heal, rehabilitate, and lessen pain from injuries, surgeries, and other chronic conditions.*
During the hour, we will focus on building core (abdominal) strength, developing mind-body connections, and learning to use all our muscles together to develop holistic strength.

While Pilates (originally called “Contrology”) is built on the foundation of precision and control, we’ll also have fun, flow, and enjoy choreographed movement and stretching. Your teacher will inspire you to find new and challenging points in your exercise, but will also encourage you to stay safe, and listen to what your body needs — each and every session. Your Pilates practice can be as challenging or restorative as you choose.

All levels are welcome! Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing — as you might wear to yoga.

*If you have a condition that limits your movement, or if your doctor or physical therapist has advised against any movements, we require you to speak with the teacher or a staff member before signing up for a class.


*Included in the 10-Class Fitness Pass!

Mimi Rosenblatt

Get your groove on with this fun, playful high-energy class! Move your entire body through a variety of easy-to-follow dance routines combined with intervals of resistance training to create a pumping, thumping, innovative work-out utilizing a HOT musical mix. Emphasis is on cardio-vascular endurance, muscular strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Release your inner dancer in a safe, fun, supportive environment.


*Included in the 10-Class Fitness Pass!

Mimi Rosenblatt

Body sculpting can be fun! We’ll sweat and laugh our ways to stronger cores as we move our bodies through a carefully designed series of muscle-strengthening moves utilizing our own body weight, light hand weights, blocks and TheraBands. Yes, there will be great music!


*This class is not included in the Berkshire Pulse Community Class Program. A $7 per class fee goes directly to the instructor.

Scottish Country Dancing is an ancestor of American contra dancing and a cousin to English country dancing. It is “set” dancing in that the dances are done in groups of dancers who interact with each other as they perform figures similar to those found in contra dancing and square dancing. Dances are done to jigs, reels, and a slower tempo called “strathspey.”



Tom Truss
Open level, ages 13+

This class will focus mainly on rhythm tap. Students will learn a variety of standard steps to be put together into a combination that we will work on for 4 to 5 weeks. Each week we will add on to the previous phrase so that we will have a sizable combination to dance. Class will consist of warm-ups, going across the floor, exploring a few hard tricks, working on the final combination and ending with improvising. The music ranges between jazz, ragtime, and blues to current pop and no music at all. All tappers are welcome!


Kim Waterman
Open level, Intergenerational

Returning in 2020

Explore traditional African dance in the many African-rooted dances of Haiti, Cuba and Brazil in this high energy class. Students move through a warm-up filled with yoga, isolations and rhythmic movement into a dance combination that travels across the floor. No prior experience is required for participation in this class. WITH LIVE DRUMMING AND SONG!


Maggie McRae
Intergenerational, Ages 9-Adult

Come enjoy an afternoon of set dancing with dance caller Maggie McRae! We’ll be learning dances (contra, circles, triplets, and mixers), connecting with others, connecting with the music- not to mention gleaning the added bonus of health benefits for body and brain! In addition to dancing together, we’ll work on building vocabulary associated with figures and working on good technique and connection so that you will feel prepared to venture out to an evening of contra dancing in the local community. This class will be accessible to people of all ages and experience levels. Hope to see you there!


Rick Shrum
Ages 12-Adult / Beginner +

This is a beginner level class for teens and adults who want an introduction to the traditional rhythms of Guinea, Mali, Ghana, and other west African countries. We will use hand drums (djembe) and stick drums (dun dun), as well as a variety of other percussion instruments. Students will learn the basics of the pulse and how it relates to the various rhythms, and gain skills in listening, coordination, and focus as they play together in a group. No prior drumming experience is necessary and all instruments will be provided. Come and join in the fun!