In-School Programs

In-School Programs:

Pulse’s In-School Programs recognize the importance of creative learning and its ability to bring dynamism to the learning process while helping children uncover their hidden talents, find their voice, and build strength and confidence. Research validates that students with high levels of arts engagement from kindergarten through elementary school show higher test scores than students with lower levels of arts engagement over the same period.

Arts education that specifically involves dance assists in the development of skills like physical coordination, interpersonal communication, rhythm and related math skills, and multicultural awareness. The physical exercises involved in dance also stimulate mental alertness, attention to detail, and memorization. Through dance, students learn important skills, like how to pick up new ideas quickly, to pay attention to small details, and to focus on the task at hand.

Our in-school programs also provide a learning environment that is particularly supportive of children with kinetic and auditory learning styles, a segment of the student population that is often harder to serve.

Involving Your School

We are always looking for new community partners for our In-School Programs.  Please contact us at 413-274-6624 to discuss what program would best serve your students.


After-School Dance Program
Mount Everett Regional School
Bushnell-Sage Library

Free after school classes in world music drumming and tap offered for students grades 3 through 8 enrolled in the Southern Berkshire Regional School District.

Cultural Traditions: The Music and Dances of Africa
New Marlborough Central Elementary School
Undermountain Regional Middle School

In this residency program using African dance and drumming to explore folklore and storytelling, students dance and drum their own story, taking part in a rich, cultural experience that promotes knowledge and understanding of the context of the arts in history. Classes are held twice a week, culminating in a collaborative performance for the community that brings all of the participating students together.

Introduction to Dance
Morris Elementary School
Lenox Memorial Middle and High School
Nessacus Regional Middle School

This program introduces young people to the experience of dance to build confidence and assist in the development of physical coordination, communication, rhythm and math skills, and multicultural awareness. Students participate in workshops such as improvisation/dance making, hip-hop and African dance, classes which energize the school day with artistic, cultural, physical, and intellectual investigation.

Math and Drumming
Williamstown Elementary School

This residency program integrates world music instruction into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. Drumming creates a direct connection between math concepts and rhythm. As they clap, tap, stomp and drum, each child literally feels the concepts of math. Rhythms begin simply and grow more complex, demonstrating a connection to numbers and fractions. The program helps youth with memory, understanding, and ability to apply math concepts in the real world through problem solving.

Dance, Music, and Nature

This program enriches science studies for students in kindergarten, first and second grade. This program provides students with the unique opportunity to hear nature-related stories (through books and oral tradition), examine relevant natural materials, and explore multi-cultural music and dance that illustrates themes in nature (ie: bugs, the water cycle, rivers, lightning, the ocean). This is a 4-week residency.

The In-School Programs have received generous funding from:

The Cultural Investment Portfolio of the Massachusetts Cultural Council
Central Berkshire Fund
Eagle and Janet’s Fund
Lenox Educational Enrichment Fund (LEEF)
Seven Towns Educational Enrichment Fund
Williamstown Elementary School Enrichment Fund (WESE)
Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation

The following local Cultural Council agencies, which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency (www.massculturalcouncil.org):

Alford-Egremont Cultural Council
Becket Cultural Council
Dalton Cultural Council
Hinsdale-Peru Cultural Council
Lenox Cultural Council
Monterey Cultural Council
Mount Washington Cultural Council
New Marlborough Cultural Council
Northern Berkshire Cultural Council
Sheffield Cultural Council
Washington Cultural Council
Windsor Cultural Council