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When you give to Berkshire Pulse,

You become a part of a family of individuals who are committed to the arts and care about the community. Each gift you make supports opportunities for young people and adults to explore and develop their innate creativity while challenging their technical, intellectual and artistic abilities. Our programs make a real and lasting difference in the lives of hundreds of students of all ages throughout the year. Consider making a gift today to support our work in the following areas:

  • Performing Arts Program

The foundation of Pulse is the Performing Arts Program, which offers weekly classes, special workshops, and summer intensives for youth and adults. Introductory and advanced level classes in ballet, modern, choreography, musical theater, tap, African dance, flamenco, Latin dance, hip-hop, and world music produce well-rounded dancers who excel at the highest standards of technical proficiency while developing valuable skills that will last a lifetime. But tuition only covers 60% of our operating costs. A gift to Pulse will guarantee the superior quality and broad range of the classes offered while supporting our commitment to each participant’s growth and well-being. To donate to the Performing Arts Program,  click on the “donate” button and specify “PAP” in the message field. Thank you!

  • Tuition Assistance Program

Pulse is committed to welcoming all interested students based on their desire to learn, regardless of whether or not they are able to meet the cost of tuition. Many of the young people who would most benefit form participation can’t afford to pay the modest tuition. We have never turned away a student for an inability to pay; in fact, up to 40% of participants have received some level of tuition assistance. Demand for assistance continues to grow and your donation will help us serve all who qualify. To donate to the Tuition Assistance Program, click on the “donate” button and specify “Tuition” in the message field, or you may donate through our Indiegogo campaign here. Thank you!

  • In-School Program

Pulse’s In-School Program brings world music and dance to a wide array of students in local public schools, enhancing their cultural and educational  experiences. The program provides a rich and in-depth cultural experience that brings energy and variety to the academic curriculum by integrating physical education and music. To donate to the In-School Program, click on the “donate” button and specify “In-School” in the message field. Thank you!

  • World Music and Dance Programs

    Drums during math class? We say YES! As part of our mission to strengthen community life through diverse and accessible programming in the creative arts, Pulse brings many of our dance and world music classes into our local schools. You may have known that already, but did you know that we also raise the funds to make these programs happen? Right now, we’re raising money to support an innovative program that reinforces math skills through the exciting rhythms of African drumming. Berkshire Pulse would like to buy 10 new drums for students in our in-studio and in-school World Music and Dance programs. To donate to obtain drums for the World Music and Dance Programs, click on the “donate” button and specify “Drum” in the message field, or you may donate through our Pungl campaign for the drums here. Thank you!

  • Young Choreographers Initiative (YCI) & Kimball Farms Collaboration!

    We’ve been working with Kimball Farms, the assisted living facility in Lenox, on a program that matches residents with members of our YCI. They’re creating pieces combining poetry, prose and movement to tell the seniors’ life stories. Performances are planned at Kimball Farms, Pulse’s studios and other area venues late spring/early summer. The first performance is already scheduled! To donate to the YCI/Kimball Farms Collaboration, click on the “donate” button and specify “Kimball” in the message field. Thank you!

  • Capital Campaign

Pulse’s facility is a vibrant hub of activity in downtown Housatonic, allowing us to accommodate more classes, offer enhanced amenities, and improve our operating efficiency. Construction is complete!  But but we need your help for ongoing facilities maintenance and future infrastructure improvements. To donate to the Capital Campaign, click on the “donate” button and specify “Capital” in the message field. Thank you!