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bettina-teachingBettina Montano

Bettina Montano is the founder and artistic director of Berkshire Pulse. She has a fire and passion for dance and understands the power of it to transform lives. Berkshire Pulse employs highly trained talented teachers who share her love of dance and also the desire to create community. The PULSE team has designed a beautiful well rounded  Performing Arts Program for students that range from the explorer, to the serious, and those on the professional track. The Community Classes offer music and dance from many cultures with a wide range of skill levels as well as intergenerational. The Berkshire Pulse studios with sprung floors are themselves a gift to place yourself  in – the light, the colors and the sound of all the dancers is life giving and joyful.

One of the keys to the PULSE experience is honoring the soul while training the body – that they are one and cannot be separated. There is tremendous discipline without a forcing. This is so evident when watching the end of year Gala performance  (see gallery) from the very small children to the mature adults – to feel the joy of movement, the natural progression of skill and the comfort of the dancers on stage.  AND, the costumes have an organic beauty & flow – no 4 yr olds in stiff sequinned tutus! After seeing this very unique performance you leave feeling well celebrated and happy to be human. If we could all grow up in a culture like Berkshire Pulse the world would be better for it.

Bettina teaches modern dance beginners through advanced through the Community Classes & Performing Arts. She has a great sense of timing, rhythm, breathe and space. She inspires her students to feel these elements and the result is the dancers are deeply connected to the music, the emotion, and their own body in the space. Her technique is a strong foundation for any style of dance. This video is a montage of her teaching all 3 levels.

Bettina also teaches a great adult beginners modern dance class on Tuesday mornings called “Dancer Within” with a loyal following. This class is for adults who would like to try dance for the first time, dancers who want to re-enter and get back in shape and continue training, or anyone who would like to dance! She offers full range of motion, working the whole body with music and movement that is joyful and liberating. See details.


Dancer Within – adult beginners modern dance

 Dancer Within and the whole company  on stage together  in signature Berkshire Pulse intergenerational dance

Here are some pictures of Bettina’s classes & choreography  –  also visit the gallery for performance and studio pictures.mod3-teaching
mod3mod1  mod3-floor


Modern 1 Gala 2016

Modern 1 Gala 2016

Modern 3 gala 2016

Modern 3 Gala 2016

Milk House - advanced modern

Milk House – advanced modern

Bettina networks within the Berkshire County community and offers many performing opportunites for students in addition to the Gala at the end of the school year.

One blog post alone can only begin to express the richness and tremendous gift that Bettina Montano has given to our community through her love of dance the legacy of Berkshire Pulse. Come and visit, come and see and come take class.

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