Ballet 2-3, for ages 10+


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BALLET 2-3 for ages 10+

With Fiona Scruggs

This class is for dancers with previous ballet training including a solid understanding of basic ballet vocabulary. We will build on that vocabulary and refine alignment through core strengthening warmups and dynamic barre work that directly relates to center ballet exercises. Level 2 ballet technique is learned with an emphasis on whole body movement, breathing, musicality, strengthening and stretching – all while cultivating a healthy body image and mental focus. Students may learn a ballet variation by the end of the semester. Pre-pointe work foot strengthening exercises are taught that are beneficial for all students, whether interested in progressing to pointe or choosing to remain in soft ballet slippers. Split sole, canvas ballet slippers are required. Hair shall be in a bun or high ponytail (if applicable) so the alignment of the student’s neck is visible. Please see Pulse’s dress code for more specifics.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate twice per week on both Tuesdays and Fridays; please email to request to only take Ballet 2-3 once per week on Tuesdays and we will confirm if this may be accommodated. Students interested in performing with Ballet 2-3 in the Spring Performance and/or enrolling in Pre-Pointe or Beginners Pointe must take both the Tuesday and Friday Ballet 2-3 classes.

Requirements: Participation in two ballet classes a week and either modern, Jazz 2-3, Beginners Flamenco, Dances of Africa, or Funk Box breaking class is required for these students.

January 10 – May 26
Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30 PM
Fridays, 4:00-5:30 PM
$700 for the full session

Berkshire Pulse