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Ballet 4 for ages 14+


Teaching Artists:

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With Isadora Wolfe

Building on the foundations of technique developed in Levels 1 -3, these classes introduce more advanced ballet vocabulary, develop artistic and musical phrasing, and hone the functional alignment principles necessary for a healthy and full movement experience. Classes build stamina and endurance, deepen each dancer’s knowledge of their individual habits and strengths, and further refine qualitative expression, to give the dancer more options within their body and challenge them towards growth. 

Requirements: Level 4 dancers are required to participate in a minimum of five classes per week.Two ballet 4 classes per week, a choice between Ballet 3 on Monday and Community Ballet on Tuesday,  plus a choice of one modern, jazz, choreography, contemporary or Flamenco classes are required. Pointe work is a traditional extension of ballet technique, but not a requirement of the advanced level ballet student. 

Thursdays 5:20-7:00pm and Friday 4-5:30 PM


Students registering for Level 3 or 4 classes are required to take a placement class at Pulse. If you have not yet been placed in a level, please contact us to arrange a placement class.

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