Community Boxing Gym at the Housy Dome for 8th graders to adults


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COMMUNITY BOXING GYM at the HOUSY DOME for 8th graders to adults

With Genève Brossard / Berkshire Boxing

This program provides a welcoming and supportive class for all levels of experience and fitness. This fun class focuses on improving fitness and learning all the elements of boxing training; practicing punch combos, footwork, throwing a great uppercut on the heavy bag, learning jump-rope tricks, mitt work with trainers, partner work, and conditioning. Mastering a physical skill does wonders for self-worth and confidence, not to mention health and fitness! Boxing is the perfect modality for the developing bodies of young athletes as well as adults from all backgrounds. 

Light contact sparring is optional and with parental and coach permission only. Typically, it takes at least 6 months of non-contact  training before a person is ready for this step. Sparring is not a part of  the regular class routine. 

Boxing bags (heavy and speed), jump-ropes, gloves, and all other training equipment will be provided. Students will need to buy their own hand wraps, and can purchase them from the instructor for $5 or $10. Students will also need to wear appropriate workout clothes, sneakers, and to bring their own water and towel.

October 3 – December 16

Monday and Friday 4-6pm

FREE for Housatonic and Great Barrington Youth, registration required for all participants (16 spots available). Housatonic and Great Barrington residents select “cash on delivery” at checkout. $380 for the full session for all other students. Youth participants are given priority registration and approval is required for adult students.
Located at the Housatonic Community Center: 1064 Main St, Housatonic, MA 01236

Check out the Fall 2022 Registration GuideLevel Requirements, and Dress Code before registering.



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