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Contact Improv – Open Level, for ages 13-adult

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CONTACT IMPROV – OPEN LEVEL for ages 13-adult

With Tom Truss

Contact Improvisation is a partner dance form that is rooted in touch, physics, taking and giving weight, and improvisation. One of the many beauties of Contact improvisation is that it can be done by any level, age, size or ability of dancer and has multiple looks, from puppies playing, to slow motion Tai Chi, to sculpting bodies, or to underwater wrestling. Contact Improv is often called a contact sport and is what helped revolutionize the traditional partner aspect of men lifting women in dance to all being able to lift and or support any gender or size. This series of six classes will explore a basic principle of Contact Improv each week. These open themed classes are suited for seasoned as well as never-before Contact dancers. Themes we will explore will range from touch, leading and following, push and pull, and falling off balance safely.

Tom Truss has practiced and performed Contact Improvisation for over thirty years and has taught Contact at American Dance Festival for 8 years, at The Seattle Festival of Dance and Improvisation, the West Coast Jam in Oakland, at colleges and universities throughout the US, at The New Zealand School of Dance, and at festivals in Japan, Argentina, Switzerland and Germany.

June 10 – July 15
Saturdays, 11:30 AM-1:00 PM

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