Dance for Boys, for ages 10-14


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DANCE FOR BOYS for ages 10-14

With Tom Masters

Here’s a chance to jump, turn, and soar! This class introduces boys, anyone who identifies as a boy, and nonbinary students to the athletic and artistic skills required in dance training. The class includes elementary classical dance technique, improvisation, and dance making. Rhythm, movement quality, musicality, and healthy alignment are developed while offering students the opportunity to explore their own strengths and abilities through a diverse dance practice. Dance for Boys provides an inspiring foundation for further study in all dance forms, theater, sports, and life!

Dress: stretchy pants (preferably black) and a white t-shirt are recommended for this class.

Thursday 3:45-5:00 PM

$140 for the full session

Check out the Fall 2022 Registration GuideLevel Requirements, and Dress Code before registering.

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