Dances of Africa, for ages 8-10


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DANCES OF AFRICA for ages 8-10

With Nkoula Badila and Angel Lau

We will connect with the foundational movements of African dance and its deep communication with the drum. We will engage in the history of the dances and how each movement represents a story that is kept alive through dance and song. We will work with getting in touch with our own rhythm and root. We will do dances that help us feel the unity of the collective. In dance we are never alone. We will highlight the importance of feeling into new parts of our body and the connection between all of the dances that have come from African dance. We will build stamina and coordination. We will learn songs that support the story and breathe work. Our goal is to feel free in the body while remembering every movement carries a story and intention that acknowledges the whole of the group.

Tuesdays 4:45-5:45pm, beginning November 7
November 7 – December 12
$120 for the full session

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