Group Level Ballet 3-4, for ages 13-18


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GROUP LEVEL BALLET 3-4 for ages 13-18

With Madisyn Boussie

Following the level of the group, Group Level Ballet 3-4 will allow dancers the opportunity to train, develop, and expand their ballet technique alongside other dance practices. The class will encourage dancers to develop firm foundations in elements quintessential to all dance practices including building strength, finding placement, increasing stamina, improving alignment, and expanding upon ballet vocabulary. In addition, the class will place emphasis on the interdisciplinary connections between ballet and other dance forms, allowing the dancer to take what they learn and apply it to forms outside of the ballet classroom. Designed to keep dancers moving and curious about ballet, the class will foster a collaborative environment where dancers are encouraged to ask questions, challenged to try new things, and find their own voice as artists.

Thursdays 4:15-5:45pm
September 14 – December 14
$260 for the full session

*If taking Ballet 3-4, Modern 3, or Jazz 3-4, participation in three or more classes per week is required at this level. In addition, both Ballet and Modern classes are required for Level 3 and 4. Enrollment in Level 3 Ballet, Modern, and Jazz requires placement from Pulse teaching artists and staff.

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