Community Jazz: Jazz’n with Jones, for ages 13-adult


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JAZZ’N WITH JONES’ for ages 13-adult

With Holly Jones

Jazz’n with Jones’ is a high energy, feel good class that draws inspiration from many styles and techniques. The 90min. class includes elements of improvisation, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre, and modern jazz dance. This class will investigate stylization and technique with a sense of humor and curiosity. Class begins with rooting down through breath work and finding a gentle groove. Next we reach, release, contract, and stretch. A simple plie (bend) and tendu (stretch) combo is followed by a juicy adagio with big plies and extensions of the legs. We get the heart rate up by doing a “pre-sweat” cardio dance of 80’s aerobics moves, core work, isolations of each body part, and a brain dance of arm exercises.  Across the floor sequences are followed by a fun movement phrase and cool down all together. All are welcome to participate and share in the Joy of Jazz. Let’s dance!    

Begins January 11
Wednesdays 5:45-7:15 PM

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