Modern 2, for ages 11+


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MODERN 2 for ages 11+

With Gillian Ebersole

The Modern 2 class draws on a variety of Modern techniques and vocabulary, while also integrating improvisation, chance, dance making, and artistry. Students continue to focus on alignment, balance, fall and recovery, as well as strengthening and releasing. This class emphasizes a conscientious and supportive group experience in a safe and caring environment, while encouraging dancers to take risks and try new movements.

Requirements: Participation in 2 classes per week is required for level 2 dancers, 3 classes are recommended. Additional classes include: Dances of Africa, Jazz 2-3, Flamenco, Dance for Boys, Ballet (Ballet 2-3, or Ballet 1, depending on level and commitment), or Funk Box Breaking.

January 9 – May 22
Mondays, 4:00-5:30 PM
$340 for the full session

*January Guest Series for Modern 2 & 3 Classes*

African Dance with Nkoula Badila

We will work on getting in touch with our own rhythm, and finding a strong foundation in the relationship between the drum and the dance. We will work on unity, coming together to dance as a team, we will highlight grace in our arms and strength in our legs and feet, we will also work on building our stamina and energy, overall a high energy class with moments of cooling down reflection~ the goal is to feel free in your body while acknowledging the whole of the group. 

January 9 – January 30
Mondays, 4:00-5:30 PM

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