Pre-Pointe, for ages 11+ (by invitation)


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PRE-POINTE for ages 11+, by invitation

With Fiona Scruggs

This class is for Level 2-4 students interested in pursuing Pointework. Pre-Pointe and Beginners Pointe curriculum includes barre and center work which targets building and maintaining strength and stability in the ankles and feet. More accurate alignment is also emphasized as well as expressive legwork and foot articulation. Additionally, focus will be placed on maintaining turnout and core strength. Thera-band exercises specific to developing metatarsal strength will support Pointe preparation. This is a preparatory class for Pointe. Class is taken in Ballet slippers.

Requirements: Students are required to take 2 additional ballet technique classes a week.

January 13 – May 26
Fridays, 5:40-6:20 PM
$340 for the full session

GENERAL POINTE REQUIREMENTS: Pointe work is extremely challenging and demands a high level of commitment in order to fine tune alignment, build strength, and develop coordination. Appropriate physical and emotional maturity are required in order to begin and engage in Pointe work, which generally does not occur before the age of 12. At least two years of prior Ballet training are a necessary preparation. Pointe work is available to Intermediate and Advanced level Ballet students by invitation. Participation in Pointe class en pointe requires consistent attendance in all technique classes throughout the week. For injury prevention, students who are absent from technique classes may be asked to participate in make up classes if available, or to take Pointe class in ballet slippers until all classes have again been attended.

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