Pre-Pointe, for ages 11+ (by invitation)


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PRE-POINTE for ages 11+, by invitation

With Emily Hildebrand

Students in beginning pointe will discover the critical sense of balance and alignment that it takes to stabilize over the platform of pointe shoes. They will further develop their dance training, engaging more strength while employing a new coordination. Students will continue to employ resistance band exercises they learned in their pre-pointe work, as well as exercises at the barre, both in their slippers, and in pointe shoes, as they endeavor to develop the articulation and strength required in their feet and ankles. This slow process builds the pointe foundation for graduating from two hands on the ballet barre, to one hand, to the freedom of center work. Schedule of required classes for beginning Pointe students is determined based on the individual needs of each student and group with whom they are participating. 

Requirements: A minimum of 5 classes a week is required. Beginning pointe students do not perform en pointe in the first year. Pointe work is a traditional extension of ballet technique, but not a requirement of the advanced level ballet student. Three ballet classes, in addition to a choice of modern or jazz class are required for students training en pointe.

Friday 5:40-6:20 PM

$240 for the full session

Check out the Fall 2022 Registration GuideLevel Requirements, and Dress Code before registering.

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