Tsiftieli and Raqs Sharqi, open level for ages 12+


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Tsiftieli and Raqs Sharqi, open level for ages 12+

With Myrto Daskaloudi 

Blooming from the lands of Cappadocia, the greater Anatolia, Greece, and Cyprus, Tsiftiteli is a dance woven through song and stories, with movements inspired by the ocean and the fire in the hearts of the people of these places.

In Tsiftiteli classes, students will learn about the origins of this dance, while dancing and imbibing in the beautiful music of the region. Tsiftiteli is expressive, uplifting, and healing for the spine, heart, and sacral center.

In this class series, students will learn several styles of what is commonly referred to as ‘belly dance’. Students will learn the names of these regional dances of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin, as well as terminology of movements, identification of rhythms and traditional instruments. These dances are rooted in community, sensuality and healing! We will have discussions during cool-downs to understand the history of the dances as well as reflect on feelings and sensations which arose during class. The special emphasis on the hips, belly and spine bring immense healing to the body and soul!

Please note: masks are encouraged for students participating in this class

Begins January 21
Saturdays 2:00-3:15 PM

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