Wacky Wednesday Series – Absolute Beginners, for ages 12-adult


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For ages 12-adult, unless otherwise noted
With rotating artists, full descriptions below!
Wednesdays 6:45-8pm
September 13 – November 15

IMPROV THEATER with Ben and Liz, ages 11-adult | September 13 – October 4

Improv theater is the practice of building a scene or a story one piece at a time, in the moment, without any planning or scripting. Working with a group of others, or by yourself, you create a supportive environment where anything goes. It’s a joyous, uplifting, and deeply rewarding exercise where you can learn about yourself and have fun in the process.

This is a four week class, where you’ll develop your understanding of the shared fundamentals of improv theater. We’ll explore these fundamentals through improv exercises, games, and scenes, in a supportive and safe environment. The skills you’ll learn are:

  • Accepting and giving offers
  • Being open to change
  • Embracing failure
  • How to play!

This workshop series is perfect for beginning improvisers (people who have never had any training), and intermediate improvisers (people with some training).

SALSA with Luana, ages 12-adult | October 11 – 25

Very popular all over the west coast, Europe and Brazil, this style of the salsa dancing is easy, creative and fun to learn. The “on 1” just refers to the timing in which it is danced. The program consists first in learning the basic steps, second in how applying the basic in a partnered position and third to develop combinations and create choreography.

KALARIPAYATTU with Charity, ages 12-adult | November 1

Kalaripayattu is an ancient Indian martial art from Kerala. The practice involves traditional full body warm-ups, animal movements, and salutation forms. It is a unique martial practice designed to increase flexibility, focus, strength and agility. Challenge your body while discovering the joy of moving like an ancient warrior.

BUILD CONFIDENCE WITH BEATBOXING with Galush, ages 12-adult | November 8 & 15

November 8 workshop: “HeartBeatBox: Connecting Your Voice to Your Mental Health
November 15 workshop: “Horizontal Voices: Vocal Futures and Radical Self Acceptance”

Students will collectively learn the best ways beatboxing can be implemented into a musical mental health practice along with the beatbox basics: BTK and variations on BTK.

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