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In-studio classes for the spring session run Feb. 22 to June 20. Class size is limited in order to maintain social distancing while dancing. Read our information page for details on how we will address classes should our area enter another Covid quarantine period.

Community class rates for the Spring Session:
10 for $150 Class Pass
20 for $240 Class Pass
10 for $100 Fitness Pass

BALLET for adults and youth ages 11+
with Fiona Scruggs

The ballet classes are open to dancers ages 11+ with varying experience levels. Modifications and progressions are given to accommodate and challenge dancers appropriately. The beginning ballet dancer will learn the core foundations of ballet technique while learning the ballet vocabulary, musicality, and freedom of expression through movement. The intermediate/advanced ballet dancer will maintain stamina, develop speed in learning combinations, and further explore artistry in ballet. All dancers will be challenged to enhance balance, coordination, and flexibility. Small jumps, pirouettes and turns, and traveling movements are adjusted to fit small dancing spaces.
Monday 6:30-7:45PM
In studio and on Zoom

with Micheline Weiler

Dancers will be challenged to enhance balance, coordination, flexibility, and footwork. Barre work will include exercises to both improve speed and accuracy of movement, as well as those to build strength and control in adage. Center work will build upon the dancers’ proficiency, as well as develop artistry through the movements – port de bras, adagio, small jumps, pirouettes and turns and traveling movements. Modifications and progressions will be made to accommodate each dancer’s ability level.
Saturday 10:30AM-12PM

with Isadora Wolfe

Finding our centers and delving into functional and healthy movement patterns at the barre, we will find our dancing selves in our center practice, building upon our skills.  Drawing from Cecchetti and Vaganova methods, using contemporary and Pilates principles of alignment, these classes will strengthen and build upon each dancer’s technique. We aim to refine each dancer’s musicality, detailed artistry and full bodied engagement in each class, using ballet technique as a tool of blood-flowing, heart-pumping joyous expression.
Thursday 9-10:30AM
Begins March 4

FLAMENCO open level for ages 18+
with Joanne B. Jackson

This class will focus on exercises for Flamenco footwork, body posture, movement and coordination. Exercises will then be incorporated into short segments of choreography, taking the student beyond the steps and into the experience of individual style and expression. Joanne’s classes increase self-confidence and emphasize individuality, supporting the student in expression of personal character and emotion. This class is best suited for students with basic knowledge of flamenco.
Tuesday 6-7 PM

MODERN, BEGINNER+ for ages 14-adult
with Bettina Montano

This gentle dance class for adults and teens is based on breath, flow, rhythm and release. Drawing on various expressions and techniques of modern dance, classwork includes opening with structured improvisation into warm-up exercises in center which move into more generous use of space with joyful and dynamic phrases.
Tuesday 9-10:15AM

MODERN, BEGINNER +, OPEN LEVEL for ages 14-adult
with Jordyn Cormier

Let’s move and feel good! This open level class is simply about indulging in the joy of movement. We’ll explore some structured improvisation as well as basic contemporary techniques and gentle phrasework. Class moving to Wednesdays 6-7:30pm at Chesterwood, for the month of July.

Thursday 6-7:30PM
Begins March 4

MODERN, INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED for ages 16-adult  (Class at full capacity, please inquire at berkshire.pulse@gmail.com)
with Bettina Montano

Drawing from a variety of modern dance traditions and techniques, this class emphasizes technical and artistic classwork which develops strength, flexibility, alignment, musicality and versatility of expression. Classes begin with structured improvisation and extensive floor-work, progressing to dynamic phrases in center, at the barre and traveling across the floor.
Monday, 6-7:45 PM, Wednesday, 6-7:45PM

With Moscelyne ParkeHarrison, Madison Vomastek,  and Sean Lammer

Company in residence BODYSONNET invites you to move with us. Drop in for a weekly company class on Wednesday’s. As a collective rooted in contemporary forms and the creation of original site specific works, our class blends elements of horizontal and vertical dance techniques. Collective members Madison, Sean and Moscelyne lead diverse classes integrating improvisation, phrase work and somatic practices. Limited to five live participants.
Wednesday’s 10:00-11:30 PM
*virtual participation via Zoom is announced on the BODYSONNET instagram account @bodysonnet_


TAP, INTERMEDIATE ages 11-adult
with Tom Masters

This class will focus on clean technique and developing a wider vocabulary of steps.
Friday 4:30-5:30PM
Feb. 22 – June 20
$240 for the session

with Tom Masters

This class will focus on clean technique, speed of sound and more complex combinations of steps.
Saturday, 4:30-5:30 PM
Feb. 27 – June 19
$288 for the session

with Erin Naylor

Whether this is your first or 200th class, you’ll feel right at home here! With an emphasis on basic alignment and foundations, asana (postures), pranayama (breath exercises) and meditation are broken down for greater understanding and exploration of the body. Questions and requests are encouraged. Detailed instruction is provided, and all are welcome. Bring a mat, blocks, strap and anything else you like to use when taking a yoga class.
Wednesday, 6-7 PM
Saturday 9-10 AM

with Berkshire Tai Chi

Manage stress and enhance your health, focus, balance and vitality with the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. A unique form of “moving meditation,” tai chi calms the mind, relaxes the body and strengthens the spirit. Much of tai chi is practiced slowly and gently, ideal for people of all ages and health conditions. Classes will include qi gong (energy cultivation), along with stretching and conditioning exercises. Sifu Kathy Crowe and Sifu David Crowe are certified teachers of authentic Ch’ang style tai chi.

Berkshire Tai Chi classes now include instruction in Dragon and Tiger Qigong, a simple yet very powerful set of movements designed to cultivate and move chi through the body. It is a 1,500-year-old self-healing movement system, based on the principles of acupuncture. Qigong, or energy work, helps develop good structure, vitality, balance and coordination, while gently increasing flexibility and stretching soft tissues of the body.
Monday 6:30-8PM
Friday 9:30-11AM
at Pulse and on Zoom

Contact greatchi@berkshiretaichi.com for information and registration.