FALL 2019 Registration Form B

Tell us what classes your child would like to take! Please download and bring (or send) in Fall 2019 Registration Form B , or fill out the form below for online registration.

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Performing Arts Program Dance Classes
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Creative Dance/Pre-Ballet - WED $240Beginners Tap - TUE $256Tap for TINIES - TUE $256Dance Expressions 1 - WED $240Ballet/Modern Foundations - MON $224Tumbling - SAT $224Ballet 1 & 2 - FRI $240Modern 1 - THR $240Modern 2 Dance Expressions - MON $224Ballet 2 - .TIUE $256Ballet 3 -Int/Adv - MON $224Ballet 3 - Int/Adv - FRI $240Beginners Point - TUE $256Modern 3 – Intermediate - WED $240Young Choreographers Workshop - WED $240Ballet 4 Adv - THR $240Ballet 4 Point Variations - FRI $240Modern 4 - MON $224Dance for Boys 1 - TUE $256Dance for Boys 2 - THR $240Dance for Boys 3 - WED $240Beginners World Music - TUE $256Intermediate/Adv World Musi - TUE $256Dances of Africa - MON $224Capoeira - TUE $256Flamenco 1 - TUE $208Tap 1- Beginner - SAT $224Tap 2/3- Intermediate - THR $240Jazz 1 & 2 - SAT $224Broadway Jaz 3 - SAT $224Musical Theater Performance Workshop - SAT $224

A 10% discount is offered for families enrolled in 5 or more PAP
classes. (Does not apply to Tuition Assistance recipients.)

A $20 late fee applies starting on 9/17/19 (returning

Payment in Full – Cash or Check: I am including with this registration full payment for thissession’s classes. I understand that I will be responsible forany additional fees incurred for a returned check.Paid in Full-VISA/MC: I am including with this registration full payment for thisPayment Plan: I am including with this registration my first payment of 50% total tuition along with a completed and signed Payment Plan form. I understand that there will be an additional $20 fee added to the tuition for this plan. Late payment fees will also apply to payments not made within the plan agreement.Applying for Tuition Assistance: I am including with this registration a tuition assistance application complete with my 2017 tax return as well as a payment of 50% of my tuition fee.EBT Accepted: Through the EBT Card to Culture Program, Berkshire Pulse will offer a 50% discount for Performing Arts Program Enrollments and Community Classes to families with a MA EBT card through July 2018.

Up to the end of the second week of classes, we will offer pro-rated refunds. After the first two weeks of class, prorated refunds or credit will only be offered in the case of a serious injury accompanying a physician’s note, or when an entire semester’s class is canceled by Berkshire Pulse; otherwise, no refunds are offered.

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