Fill out a registration form with signed waiver prior to attending classes.

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A four-class Community Class membership pass ($50) is required to attend all Community Classes, unless otherwise noted. Due to current Covid protocol, we can’t allow drop-ins at this time. 


All online payments can be made via PayPal by clicking here. You do not need to set up a PayPal account to make a payment.
Alternately, you can mail a check to:

Berkshire Pulse
P.O.Box 37
Housatonic, MA


Noting the recent rise in positive COVID-19 cases in the Berkshires, we will continue to adhere to CDC and state guidelines about in-person gatherings. We are monitoring the evolving situation closely. If at any time we realize that it is no longer safe to conduct in-person classes, some of our classes will go remote (either live and/or with pre-recorded classes) and some classes will pause (and credit will be assigned for these classes when they resume in the Spring, or once it’s safe to be back in the studio). You can see which classes will continue virtually and which will be paused in the registration form.

Read our in-studio participation protocol.


The following classes for ages 4-teen do not require more than one class per week:
Creative Dance, Foundations, Dances of Africa, Flamenco 1, Capoeira, Tap, Hip Hop, Intro to Dance, Dance Expressions 1 and 2, PLUS ALL COMMUNITY CLASSES, Dance for Boys 1 and 2, World Music

Level 1: Participation in two classes per week is required at this level only if participating in Ballet or Modern 1. Dancing more than once per week allows for greater ease of progress and sense of fulfillment. Additional classes can be Flamenco, Jazz 1, Dances of Africa, Capoeira.

Level 2: Participation in two classes per week for modern 2 students (in accordance with individual placement recommendations.) For ballet 2 students, participation in two ballet classes plus one modern, jazz, Flamenco, Dances of Africa or Capoeira class is required. Community ballet classes are available for students age 11+ who do not wish to participate in the ballet 2 class program for youth.

Level 3 (Intermediate): Participation in three to five classes a week are required for students participating in ballet or modern at this level, five for those who would like to proceed with pointe work. Level 3 ballet students take two upper-level plus one lower-level ballet, and one modern, jazz or contemporary technique classes per week to fulfill Level 3 technique class requirements.

Level 4 (Advanced): Advanced level students are required to participate in a minimum of six classes per week. The class schedule is determined by program Directors in consideration of individual student’s needs and interests.

Dance for Boys Program: Dance, specifically for boys and students who identify as male, begins with the Level 2 Dance for Boys’ classes. Only one class a week is required. Prior to Level 2, boys are welcome to participate in the Creative Dance, Dances of Africa and any of the beginner, foundation to level 1 classes offered. Students may also continue with level progression in all other Youth Performing Arts Program or Community classes offered. Participation in two or more classes per week is required for Boys in the level 3 Boys class.

Young Choreographers Program: Participation in one modern, jazz, ballet, contemporary or African class is required for students who are in the Young Choreographers workshop. At least two additional dance classes a week are required for students participating in the Young Choreographers Initiative.


Read what to wear to class.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at berkshire.pulse@gmail.com.