Registration, Forms & Information

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Youth Class & Program Registration

–> Youth Schedule Fall 2019

–> Youth Schedule Winter/Spring 2020 — TBD

YOUTH REGISTRATION for the next semester begins in January. Online registration will once again be available for our youth classes and programs. We’ve tried to keep the process as simple as possible, but because there’s a lot of information we need to capture, there are three forms (listed and linked below in PURPLE) for you to complete.


First, fill out the student information form (Form A)

Then, fill out the registration and class selection form (Form B)

Finally, fill out the premises permission form (Form C)

There’s still (always!) the option to fill out all of these forms on paper and mail or bring them in — the links below will give you the tools you need to do that as well. To pay, you can mail or bring in a check, or call us with a debit or credit card.

(Note: New students must complete all forms; returning students need only
fill out Form B and review the dress code and policies for any updates)

Form A – Registration – Student Info
(For new students or updated info)

Form B – Registration – Youth Classes

Form C – Premises Permission Form

Payment Plan Form 

Tuition Assistance Application

Dance Class Dress Code

Youth Program Policies and Guidelines

Sign Up for Email Alerts

Note: A 10 percent discount applies for a child enrolled in five or more classes.

Registration Dates & Information

Winter/Spring registration begins:
–Online dates TBD
–In person at our studios or by phone once the spring schedule is announced.
–By mail, once the spring schedule is announced.

Please email or call for level and class placement information.

Spring classes begin TBD

New students: Please email berkshire.pulse@gmail.com or call 413-274-6624 prior to registration for placement.

Adult/Teen Community Class Info

–> Community Class Schedule Fall 2019

–> Community Class Schedule Winter/Spring 2020 — TBD

Community classes are for ages 13+ unless otherwise noted

No prior registration is required for Community Classes
$17 Drop-in class fee
$150 for a 10-class community pass
$240 for a 20-class community pass

–> Community Class Policies

For questions and further information please email us at berkshire.pulse@gmail.com or call 413.274.6624.

Tuition Assistance & EBT Card to Culture

–> Apply for Tuition Assistance

Pulse is for EVERYONE! Our Tuition Assistance Program continues to support individuals and families and helps guarantee that no one will ever be turned away, despite their financial situation. Tuition Assistance awarded applies to the whole family. Available for both Youth and Community Classes.

EBT Card to Culture is a collaboration between the Mass Cultural Council and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services’ Department of Transitional Assistance.

Through the EBT Card to Culture Program, Berkshire Pulse offers an automatic 50% discount for Performing Arts Enrollments and Community Classes to families with a MA EBT card (bring your card when registering).

Did you know that anyone with a Massachusetts-issued EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card can get reduced or free admission into more than 100 cultural organizations across the Commonwealth? Access the power of culture with your EBT card — see the full list of participating organizations online.