Joanne Bockemuehl-Jackson – Flamenco

Joanne Bockemuehl-Jackson


Joanne has been teaching Flamenco at Berkshire Pulse for almost 2 years now. Flamenco is the beautiful unique Spanish gypsy dance style full of emotion and passion. Joanne gives a well rounded class of footwork, the stylistic Flamenco arms and hands, how to count in the Spanish 12 count phrasing, compas (clapping), fans – and more than that, Joanne brings the Flamenco flair!

Berkshire Pulse has offered several workshops over the years, but now with Joanne, Pulse offers weekly classes for beginners and advanced beginners. What we love about Joanne is that she oozes emotion through this amazing form of dance, and that is the cornerstone of her teaching method – bringing the dancer to the place where emotion is connected to the movement. She illustrates with her words creating images for the dancers, to evoke the feeling that each phrase expresses.

Here is a video of the intro/beginner class. Many of the girls wanted to take her class after seeing her Gala performance  in 2016.

With adult student practicing for the Gala.

Joanne Bockemuehl-Jackson recently immigrated to the Berkshires, was born in Germany, where she began her flamenco dance studies at the age of 19. Since then, while working as a nurse and as a cranio sacral therapist, she danced and studied Flamenco. Falling in love with Flamenco, she went to Madrid to study at the traditional Flamenco School “Amor de Dios”. She has taken classes with Ciro, Camela Greco, Tomas de Madrid. She continued to study with Regina Marinez, Amparo de Triana, Antinea, Maria del Mar, Manuel Sancez, Michela Lama, Rafaela Stern and took Workshops in Tanzhause NRW.



Intro to Flamenco  – in the gypsy tradition dancing in a circle taking turns improvising in the center


Advanced beginners – practicing for the Gala 2016. Teens and adults danced together in the performance (see gallery) an intergenerational piece in the grand tradition of the gypsy dance as well as the heart of Berkshire Pulse.


On stage Gala 2016

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