Ode to Pulse (from a community class participant)

safara1Ode to Pulse

There are places we are called to for what reason we just don’t know until we are in the midst of the walls, the floors and the spaces that say, “welcome back.”

This was for me my first experience traveling up the long set of stairs as a newbee to Berkshire Pulse.

I could hear the music bellow from the hallway, the stamper of a few feet but mostly this…laughter and giggles and if play had a sound it was what I heard. I didn’t know who was playing, all I knew was that it was alive and rich and full of energy that I could not resist to explore because as soon as I walked through the door the light and the warmth rushed to me and I knew I had found a place to call home; a place where I could express myself in movement and be welcomed.


A home where I could dance from room to room and be at ease and delight with myself and others. A home where age met no challenge for the artist was you the creator and the gift of this home was the blank canvas. The music was there to accompany me at whatever tempo I found myself compelled to meet it. Instruction was demonstrated and encouraged with gentle manner and deep know-how into the workings of the body and the foundations of movement to gracefully accompany me. If I felt like a beginner one day so be it and when I found the urge to stomp, groove or gently be at grace with my body it was my way through my day, Berkshire Pulse had the rhythm to meet me.

And so it was that Pulse became a part of my life and I a part of everyone who taught, attended classes and works there and made it such a richly rewarding place for me to BE. From children, middle-age and older all of us at dance with one another.

Berkshire Pulse is a center for community life; a place where you are encouraged to perform dance, the freedom of movement and the communion with others at play.

Come to Pulse because your body, mind and spirit will welcome the gift of it all as I have.

of light,



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