Mio Ishikawa

Summer Guest

Mio Ishikawa (she/her) is a dancer and choreographer based in New York City. She is a native of Tokyo, Japan, where she began dancing at the age of 6. Her training in both classic and contemporary dance forged her strong interest in the performing arts and led her to study at the Juilliard School. She earned her BFA in May ‘19. She has performed the works of Iván Pérez, Alejandro Cerrudo, Roy Assaf, and Twyla Tharp among many others. She has been a collaborator with BodySonnet and a founder of Body Talk since 2019. She is currently in her certification process of Ilan Lev Technique. Mio received her degree in Economics from Keio University in ‘20. Mio has been a collaborator of BODYSONNET since ‘19.

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