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Headshot of Myrto Daskaloudi

Myrto Daskaloudi

Teaching Artist

My name is Myrto Daskaloudi, and I have been belly dancing for 12 years, training in many styles from the SWANA (south west Asia North Africa) region. My teachers currently are both from Greece and Egypt. My own cultural heritage comes from the Greek communities of Asia Minor, where we have our own style of ‘belly dance’. In my practice and studies, I always seek to understand the greater context of the dance style within the culture. ‘Belly dance’ is a very broad term which spans over dozens of styles of dance with their own unique rhythms, stories, and histories! In my classes, I predominantly teach 3 styles. Asia Minor Greek Tsiftiteli, Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, and Egyptian Baladi. I currently teach at Yaad Wellness in Catskill, NY and online with many private students and group classes. I love sharing this dance because it is so expressive, uplifting, and healing for the body. It is especially wonderful for pre-natal and post Partum mothers!

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