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Peter (P-Boogie) Reynolds Jr

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Peter (P-Boogie) Reynolds Jr was born in Hartford, CT. During his late youth and teens, he moved to West Hartford as well as Bloomfield where he attended both Conard & Bloomfield High school and shortly after graduating moved back to Hartford, where he now lives currently. Peter (P-Boogie) started dancing after watching and following videos of “Michael Jackson” over and over. In 2000, he entered his first talent show at Conard High and met another local dancer by the name of “Popkorn” and the two of them began a close relationship totally based from dance. That same year, he was introduced to a mentor of his by the name of “Trac 2” who is a Legendary Bboy, as well as one of the original “Bboys” from the South Bronx, New York. 

After meeting the two legends, Peter not only learned about the history of Connecticut’s Hip-Hop scene and culture through the “School of Hardknocks” but he retained and studied everything about the Hip-Hop culture and history through battles, lectures, and community performances in and out of the Tri-State area, while being mentored by “Trac 2.” Since then, he has taught foundations/technique in dance styles such as: Roboting, Locking, Popping and Hip-Hop (old/new) for the past 20 years in Connecticut. 

Peter (P-Boogie) is Co-Founder of Studio-8-Sixty located in Bloomfield, CT, Co-Founder of Village of Poppers (New England Dance Crew), an Independent dance instructor at the “Artist Collective,” “Charter Oak Culture Center,” and the “Hartt School” all located in the city of Hartford. Peter is also one of the original principal dancers of the first “Hip-Hop” Dance Company in Connecticut, “EQuilibrium Dance Theatre,” since 2009. 

In his career, he has gone on to perform with and open up for artists such as: Busta Rhymes, KRS-ONE, Black Eyed Peas, The Doug Elkins Dance Company (Fraulein Maria), and Suga Pop (Electric Boogaloos). He was also awarded the “Dedication & Commitment” award by Zulu Nation 860 in 2013 for his teaching, dedication, and giving back to the community through “Popping”. Peter (P-Boogie) Reynolds plans on continuing to reach and teach individuals through dance, lectures, performances, and being a positive role model in and out of the Hartford community. 

“Foundation, Dedication, & Cre8tion” – P-Boogie

Teaching Courses:

Berkshire Pulse