Volunteer at PULSE

Volunteers at Berkshire Pulse are deeply appreciated.

We need you!!

Volunteers are needed especially preparing for and during performances, fund raising  and event planning.

Please inform us if you are available to help in any of the following areas:

Event planning  ~

Organizers & Helpers:

Be a part of an event planning committee for fundraising events and activities.  We are always looking for creative ways to raise money for this important community based organization.  If you would like to lend your help let us know and we will reach out for your support.


Performance volunteers ~

Back stage assistance:

Pre-show hair and make-up
Art supplies and games for our young performers during dress rehearsal and show
Help with clean up after the dress rehearsal and performances


Coordinating and managing costumes before and after performances
Sewing & mending

In the theater:

Ushering: Handing out programs, Seating people
(each production has specific needs and will be posted)



Call  with you intentions 413-274-6624 or email pulse@berkshirepulse.org