Zumba with Lindsey Berkowitz

Lindsey Berkowitz

lindseyLindsey teaches a dancerly Zumba on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings at Berkshire Pulse in the fabulous studios. She brings such creative variety to her choreography and music choices you feel like you’ve been around the world tasting a smorgasbord of dance! Lindsey mixes it up with Salsa, Bollywood, belly dance, hip-hop, jazz, modern dance, kick boxing and more.

Her workout is complete. Nice warm up easing in and then she keeps going with almost constant movement from song to song. Lindsey does take a few minutes here and there to break down new moves and an occasional water break, but by the end of the hour every muscle (and your brain) has been well worked… and yummy.

Come and try Zumba with Lindsey have fun while you get a great workout.

My co-workers ask me, how do you stay in such good shape? And I say, I go to Lindsey's class 2x a week!

Lindsey, what can I say - is my dance mama! As far as knowing choreography she taught me everything I know. She understands the mechanics of movement so you don't hurt yourself.

Lindsey Berkowitz began ballet classes at 3 years old and hasn’t been able to stay away from dance since. She discovered her true love for dance through the Flowering Child Performing Arts Program at age 9, and has been exploring world music and dance rhythms through Berkshire Pulse since age 13. Now 26, after a few years away in Philadelphia, she is back in the Berkshires and a licensed Zumba instructor. She loves teaching this fun, accessible and energizing form of dance fitness, blending Latin, pop, Bollywood and belly dance for a class that is suitable for all ages and skill levels. She is motivated by her passion for dance and love for her community.

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