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Pulse’s Mission

Pulse’s Mission

The Berkshire Pulse mission is to build and strengthen community life through diverse and accessible programming in performing, movement and creative arts. By promoting participation in these educational and health-sustaining activities, we enrich the lives of families and individuals of all ages throughout the region. 

Berkshire Pulse Values

We believe community is at the heart of a healthy life and we commit to strengthening ours. 

We engage in collaboration within PULSE, and with the larger community.

We commit to creating a safe space for students of all ages to develop and explore artistic expression through movement and creative arts.

We hold ourselves to standards of professional excellence in all aspects of our work.

We seek to welcome and include all members of our community and we commit to identify and remove barriers.  

We place accessibility as a priority, we do not turn anyone away for reasons of affordability, we act to be accessible for differently abled individuals, and we bring programs to those who cannot come to us. 

We are devoted to the artistic integrity of what we teach and do not pursue popular trends for their own sake.

We embrace “yes” and innovate to find new ways to bring movement, world music, and other forms of creative expression to individuals and families.

Berkshire Pulse