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Youth Performing Arts Program

Youth Performing Arts Program

Youth Performing Arts Program Grid

Our Performing Arts Program (PAP) provides an in-depth, interdisciplinary learning experience to young dancers ages 4 to 18. From the start of their training, students are introduced to dance practice with an equal emphasis on technical development as well as artistic exploration. As they progress in age and level, a comprehensive curriculum encourages students to expand their creative language while challenging their intellectual, technical, and artistic abilities.      

  • Weekly classes, special workshops, and summer intensives are offered to all students. 
  • Students are placed in one of 5 levels to ensure their growth and success, while factoring in age and experience.      
  • Following an interdisciplinary philosophy, PAP classes fuse modern techniques with traditional approaches to cultivate a rich artistic experience.    
  • All students ages 8+ participate in an annual PAP Performance Celebration, with additional performance opportunities throughout the year for upper level students.   
  • Improvisational skills are developed from the earliest stages of participation. At age 11+, students are welcome to join the Young Choreographers Program. 

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NOTICE: due to staff shortages with the local bussing company, Pulse is not currently accepting applications for students to be dropped off by bus after school.

You may also register in-person at Berkshire Pulse studios, Monday through Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Level 1

Ages 9+
2 classes weekly 

Participation in two classes per week at this level is recommended. Required for Ballet 1 dancers. Dancing more than once per week allows for greater ease of progress and sense of fulfillment. Additional classes can be Intro to Flamenco, Dances of Africa, Capoeira, Breaking, Boxing. Class offerings are subject to change

Level 2

Ages 10+ 
2+ classes weekly 

Participation in two classes per week for modern 2 students (in accordance with individual placement recommendations.) For ballet 2 students, participation in two ballet classes plus a choice of one modern, jazz, Flamenco, Dances of Africa, Capoeira, or Funk Box Breaking class is required. Community ballet classes are available for students age 11+ who do not wish to participate in the ballet 2 class program for youth.

Level 3

Ages 12+
3+ classes weekly 

Participation in three to five classes a week are required for students participating in ballet or modern at this level, five for those who would like to proceed with pointe work. Level 3 ballet students take two upper-level plus one lower-level ballet, and one modern, jazz or contemporary technique classes per week to fulfill Level 3 technique class requirements.

Level 4  

Ages 14+
5+ classes weekly    

Advanced level students are required to participate in a minimum of five classes per week. The class schedule is determined by program directors in consideration of individual student’s needs and interests.

  • Dance Type

  • Dance Level

  • Days

Family Dance for children ages 3-4 and their caregivers

Tuesdays, 9am-9:45am, with Sara Kiesel

Creative Dance for ages 4-6

Monday with Tom Truss, 3:45 - 4:45 PM (Starts January 31, last class on March 28) [FULL ~ waitlist only]
Saturday with Erin Naylor, 9-10 AM (Starts January 29)

Intro to Dance for ages 6-8

Wednesday 3:50-4:50 PM, with Fiona Scruggs (February 2-June 8)

Dance Foundations for ages 8-10

Tuesday 3:50-4:50 PM, with Bettina Montano (update: starts February 1)

Tumbling for ages 5-7

Saturday 10:15-11:15 AM, with Erin Naylor
Begins January 29

Beginners Ballet for ages 8-10

Saturday 9–10 AM, with Fiona Scruggs (January 29-June 4)

Beginners Tap for ages 7-10

Wednesday 5-6 PM, with Fiona Scruggs (update: starts February 2)

Ballet 1 for ages 9-12

Saturday 10:15-11:30 AM, with Fiona Scruggs (January 29-June 4)

Dance for Boys for ages 10+

Thursday 4-5:15 PM, with Tom Masters (update: starts February 3)

Modern 1 for ages 10-12

Monday 4-5:15 PM, with Susan Quinn (update: starts January 31)

Ballet 2 for ages 10-13

Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-5:15 PM, with Melissa Elstein (update: starts February 1)

Modern 2 for ages 11-14

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM, with Gillian Ebersole

Intermediate Tap for ages 11+

Tuesday 5-6 PM, with Tom Masters

Jazz 2-3 for ages 11-16

Monday 3:45-5 PM, with Pulse Staff

Ballet 3 for ages 12-18

Monday 5:30-7 PM and Friday 4-5:30 PM, with Fiona Scruggs

Beginners Pointe for ages 12+ by invitation

Saturday 11:15 AM-12 PM, with Micheline Weiler

Modern 3 for ages 13-16

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM, with Bettina Montano

Tap - Advanced for ages 13+

Monday 5:15-6:15 PM, with Pulse Staff

Broadway Jazz 3-4 for ages 14+

Friday 5:30-7 PM, with Tom Masters

Ballet 4 for ages 14+

Thursdays 5:20-7:00pm and Friday 4-5:30 PM, with Isadora Wolfe

Contemporary 4 for ages 14-adult

Saturdays 11:45-1:15 PM, with Joe Poulson and Ryoko Kudo

Intro To Drumming for ages 8-adult

Tuesday 3:45-4:30 PM, with Rick Shrum (now begins February 1)

Intro to Flamenco for ages 9-12

Thursday 4:15–5:15 PM, with Joanne B. Jackson (update: starts February 3)

Funk Box Breaking for ages 10+

Friday 4-5 PM, with Andres Ramirez (begins February 4)

Non Contact Boxing for ages 13-17

Tuesday 4-5 PM, with Genève Brossard (begins February 1)
January 25: Intro class for new students

Young Choreographers Workshop for ages 13-16

Wednesday 5:45-7:15 PM, with Susan Quinn

Senior Choreographic Project for ages 17+

Schedule determined by students and teachers

Singing 101 for ages 13-17 (CLASS CANCELED FOR SPRING SESSION)

Saturday 11:30-12:30pm, with Lauren Berkman
Once a month sessions: Feb 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, and June 4 (CLASS CANCELLED)

Acting Your Song for ages 16+ (CLASS CANCELLED FOR SPRING SESSION)

Saturday 1:00 - 2:30 PM, with Lauren Berkman
Once a month sessions: Feb 5, March 12, April 2, May 7, and June 4 (CLASS CANCELLED)

#TIKTOK #DanceChallenge for ages 12+

Friday 5:15 - 6:30pm, with Ilana Ransom-Toeplitz
Last class March 25

Ballet Beginner for ages 12-adult

Tuesday 6-7:30 PM, with Micheline Weiler

Ballet Advanced Beginner/Intermediate for ages 12-adult

Saturday 9:30-11 AM, with Micheline Weiler
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