A community ballet class with a mixed gender group of adult and teen dancers at the barre.

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Performance Fee – Spring Celebration 2024

The Berkshire Pulse Youth Performing Arts Program holds its annual Spring Celebration at the end of each Spring Session. The Spring Celebration is a fundraiser and all the proceeds go towards the Pulse Tuition Assistance Program.
In order to participate, a performance fee of $25 must be paid to cover the cost of costumes and production expenses. 

Latin Dance Shines at Simon’s Rock, for ages 16+

Tuesday and Thursdays, 4:15-5:40pm (March 26, 28; April 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30; May 2, 7)
with Luana Dias David

Summer Intensive Registration Fee (one fee per student)

Starting in 2024, Berkshire Pulse is implementing a $20 non-refundable registration fee for our summer intensives. This charge covers administrative needs and is only charged once per student. If you register for multiple intensives, you will only pay one registration fee per student. This fee is required to register for a Summer Intensive. It is not covered by Tuition Assistance. 
Please purchase ONE registration fee per student when registering for a Summer Intensive at Berkshire Pulse.

PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN: Dance Discovery, for ages 8-13

June 24 – 28 | Ages 8 to 13 (half-day option for ages 8-9, mornings only)
Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm (9am-12pm half-day)

PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN: Berkshire Pulse Intensive, for ages 11+

July 8 – 20 | Ages 11+
First Week, Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm; Second week, Monday to Saturday, 9am-4pm

PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN: Dance Adventure, for ages 4-7

July 22 – 26 | Ages 4-7, half-day
Monday to Friday, 9am-12pm

PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN: Hip Hop and Street Style, for ages 10+

July 29 – August 2 | All levels, ages 10 to adult
Monday to Friday, 9am-3:30pm

PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN: Musical Theater, for ages 10+

August 5 – 10 | All levels, ages 10+
Monday to Saturday, 9am-3pm

PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN: Movement Lab: A Workshop in Professional Practice, for ages 17+

August 12 – 16 | Advanced teens and undergrad students 17+, adults with advanced contemporary experience
Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm

Guest Hip Hop & Street Style Series – Beg/Int, for ages 12-adult

Fridays, 6:15-7:45pm (October – May)
with Shakia Barron, Dashawn Davis, Andres Ramirez, and other guest teachers!

West African and Caribbean Dance and Drum – All Levels, for ages 14-adult

Saturdays, 2-4pm (January 13, February 10, March 9, April 13, June 8, June 22)
with Joanne DelCarpine, Kim Waterman, and Noel Staples-Freeman

Creative Dance, for ages 4-6 (WAITLIST REGISTRATION ONLY)

Wednesdays, 3:45-4:30pm (January 17 – April 10)
with Anna Mayta

Tumbling, for ages 5-7 and 6-8

Saturdays 10-11am and 11:15am-12:15pm (January 20 – April 13)
with Erin Naylor

Intro to Dance, for ages 6-8 (WAITLIST REGISTRATION ONLY)

Thursdays, 3:50-4:50pm (January 18 – April 11)
with Shannon Nulf

Beginners Tap, for ages 7+ (WAITLIST REGISTRATION ONLY)

Mondays, 4:35-5:20pm (January 22 – April 8)
with Tom Masters

Beginners Flamenco, for ages 7+

Thursdays, 4:45-5:45pm (January 18 – May 23)
with Joanne Bockemuehl-Jackson

Beginners West African Drumming, for ages 8+

Mondays, 3:45-4:30pm (January 22 – May 20)
with Rick Shrum

Intermediate West African Drumming, for ages 9+

Thursdays, 3:45-4:30pm (January 18 – May 23)
with Rick Shrum

Dance Foundations, for ages 8-10

Mondays, 3:50-4:50pm (January 22 – May 20)
with Susan Quinn

Beginners Ballet, for ages 8-10

Saturdays, 9-10am (January 20 – May 25)
with Fiona Scruggs

Dance Foundations 2, for ages 10-13

Mondays, 5:25pm-6:25pm (January 22 – April 8)
with Madisyn Boussie

Dance for Boys, for ages 10-13

Wednesdays, 4-5:15pm (January 17 – May 22)
with Gillian Ebersole and Tom Masters, plus guest teacher Tarcisio Ramos dos Santos

Beginners Funk Box Breaking, for ages 10+

Fridays, 4-5pm (January 19 – May 24)
with Andres Ramirez

Intermediate Funk Box Breaking, for ages 10+

Fridays, 5-6pm (January 19 – May 24)
with Andres Ramirez

Ballet 1, for ages 9-12

Saturdays, 10:10-11:25am (January 20 – May 25)
with Fiona Scruggs

Modern 1, for ages 9-12

Fridays, 4-5:30pm (January 19 – May 24)
with Ashley Hartka

Jazz 1-2, for ages 10+ (WAITLIST REGISTRATION ONLY)

Mondays, 3:50-5:05pm (January 22 – May 20)
with Teak Welch

Ballet 2-3, for ages 10+

Wednesdays, 4-5:45pm; Fridays, 4-5:30pm (January 17 – May 24)
with Fiona Scruggs

Pre-Pointe/Beginners Pointe, for ages 11+

Fridays, 5:40-6:20pm (January 19 – May 17)
with Fiona Scruggs

Modern 2, for ages 11+

Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm (January 30 – May 21)
with Gillian Ebersole

Young Choreographers Workshop, for ages 12+

Tuesdays, 5:45-7:15pm (January 30 – May 7)
with Susan Quinn

Musical Theater Collective, for ages 10+

Saturdays, 2-4pm (January 20 – May 11)
with Tom Masters, Teak Welch, and Wendy Welch, plus guest artists

Int/Adv Tap, for ages 12-adult

Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm (January 17 – May 22)
with Tom Masters

Modern 3, for ages 13-adult

Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm (January 30 – May 21)
with Holly Jones and Shannon Nulf

Broadway Jazz 3-4, for ages 13-adult

Saturdays, 12:15-1:45pm (January 20 – May 25)
with Tom Masters

Group Level Ballet 3-4, for ages 13-18

Thursdays, 4:15-5:45pm (January 18 – May 16)
with Isadora Wolfe, and Madisyn Boussie assisting

Contemporary 4, for ages 14-adult

Tuesdays, 5:45-7:30pm (January 30 – May 21)
with Gillian Ebersole and Shannon Nulf

Senior Choreography Project

For Level 3 and 4 dancers in their final year at Berkshire Pulse
with Susan Quinn

Young Choreographers Initiative, for ages 14-adult

Mondays, 5-6:45pm (January 22 – May 20)
with Susan Quinn

Community Ballet – Intermediate+, for ages 13-adult

Mondays, 6:45-8:15pm (Begins January 8)
with Isadora Wolfe

Dance Moves and Grooves – Beginners, for ages 16+

Tuesdays, 4:15-5:30pm (Begins January 30)
with Madison Palffy

Yoga – All Levels, for ages 18+

Tuesdays, 5:45-6:45pm (January 30 – March 12, March 26 – May 7, no class March 19)
with Bethany Trozzo

Community Tap – Beg/Int, for ages 13-adult

Tuesdays, 7-8pm (Begins January 30)
with Teak Welch

Community Musical Theater – All Levels, for ages 16+

Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm (Begins January 10; full session participation required)
with Wendy Welch

Community Modern – Beginners, for ages 16+

Wednesdays, 6:45-8pm (Begins January 17)
with Bettina Montano

Community Ballet – Beginners, for ages 12-adult

Wednesdays, 6-7:15pm (Begins January 10)
with Fiona Scruggs

Ballet Zen: Adult Ballet, Core Strengthening, & Relaxation Exercises – Beg/Int, for ages 21+

Thursdays, 1-2:30pm (Begins March 14; no class May 9)
with Melissa Elstein

Swing – Beg/Int, for ages 12-adult

Thursdays, 6:45-7:45pm; plus, from 7:45-8:15pm, optional Intermediate level class time (Begins January 11)
with Brianne Szymanski

Community Modern – Intermediate+, for ages 14-adult

Thursdays, 6:15-7:45pm (Begins January 18)
with Bettina Montano

Shake Your Soul – All levels, for ages 18+

Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm; Fridays, 9-10am (Begins January 11)
with Madeline Despres-Chen

Community Ballet – Beg/Int, for ages 12-adult

Saturdays, 9:30-11:15am (Begins January 13)
with Shannon Nulf

Adult Beginners Pointe, for ages 18+

Saturdays, 11:30am-12:10pm (Begins January 13)
with Fiona Scruggs

Taekwondo, for ages 4-adult

Mondays 5:30-6:30pm, Wednesdays 7:15-8:15pm, Saturdays 11:30am-1:30pm
with the Martial Arts Institute of the Berkshires

Scottish Country Dance, Open Level

Wednesdays, 7:30-9:15pm starting January 10, with Ted Randolph
email for registration and info

Tai Chi, for ages 16-adult

Mondays, 6:30-8pm and Fridays, 9:30-11am
with Berkshire Tai Chi

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