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Veronica Bone

Teaching Artist, Community & In-School Program Manager

Laura Cabrera

Latino/a Community Liaison

Headshot of Benjamin Court

Benjamin Court

Grants Manager

Madeline Despres-Chen

Teaching Artist, Administrative Assistant

A nonbinary white dancer leaps sideways on an outdoor stage, with their arms flung so that their body makes a big X. They wear a purple turtleneck, maroon pants, and blue socks.

Gillian Ebersole

Teaching Artist, Marketing/PR & Youth Performing Arts Program Coordinator

Sara Kiesel

Teaching Artist

Special Education Curriculum Advisor

Bettina Montano

Founder/Artistic Director Modern Dance Director

A dancer on an outdoor stage mid-jump. They are wearing a red shirt, tan pants, and grey socks.

Shannon Nulf

Teaching Artist, Administrator

Alicia smiling

Alicia Ortwein

Front Desk Staff

Teak Welch

Marketing Assistant/Teaching Artist/Front Desk Staff

Berkshire Pulse