Teaching Artists

Berkshire Pulse teaching artists, staff, and dancers stand outside after a performance. Everyone is wearing colored clothing, which contrasts the greenery.

Meet Our Teaching Artists

At Berkshire Pulse, we are pleased to offer dance, movement, and music courses led by highly trained and incredibly generous teachers. Take a moment to meet the teaching artist behind your next class. Interested in joining our roster or proposing a class? Submit your resume and application here.  

A headshot of Kristen Shepardson

Kristen Shepardson

In-School Teaching Artist

Nkoula Badila

Teaching Artist

Shakia Barron

Guest Teaching Artist

Veronica Bone

Teaching Artist, Community & In-School Program Manager

Headshot of Madisyn Boussie

Madisyn Boussie

Teaching Artist

Headshot of Vincent Brewer

Vincent Brewer

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Genève Brossard

Boxing Program Lead

Headshot of Liz Butler

Liz Butler

Teaching Artist

Headshot of Saroya Corbett

Saroya Corbett

Guest Teaching Artist

Headshot of Matthew Cumbie

Matthew Cumbie

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Dashawn Davis

Teaching Artist

Madeline Despres-Chen

Teaching Artist, Administrative Assistant

Luana Dias David

Teaching Artist

A nonbinary white dancer leaps sideways on an outdoor stage, with their arms flung so that their body makes a big X. They wear a purple turtleneck, maroon pants, and blue socks.

Gillian Ebersole

Teaching Artist, Marketing/PR & Youth Performing Arts Program Coordinator

Melissa Elstein

Teaching Artist

Dance shot of Ashley Hartka

Ashley Hartka

Teaching Artist

Molly Hess

Community Program and In-school Teaching Artist

Headshot of Jeffrey Howard

Jeffrey Howard

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Headshot of Ben Jardine

Ben Jardine

Teaching Artist

Headshot of Holly Jones

Holly Jones

Teaching Artist

Fern Katz

Teaching Artist

Sara Kiesel

Teaching Artist

Special Education Curriculum Advisor

Headshot of Angel Lau

Angel Lau

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Tom Masters

Dance for Boys, Musical Theatre Dance Program Director, Teaching Artist

Sayer Mansfield

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Dance Shot of Anna Mayta

Anna Mayta

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Headshot of Maggie McCray

Maggie McRae

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Headshot of Sydney McManus

Sydney McManus

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Bettina Montano

Founder/Artistic Director Modern Dance Director

Erin Naylor

Teaching Artist

A dancer on an outdoor stage mid-jump. They are wearing a red shirt, tan pants, and grey socks.

Shannon Nulf

Teaching Artist, Administrator

Headshot of Jovanina Pagano

Jovanina Pagano

Teaching Artist

Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

Guest Teaching Artist

Headshot of Miriam Piilonen

Miriam Piilonen

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Joseph Poulson

Teaching Artist

Susan Quinn

Young Choreographers Program Director

Andres Ramirez

Teaching Artist

Headshot of P-Boogie

Peter (P-Boogie) Reynolds Jr

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Fiona Scruggs

Teaching Artist

Rick Shrum

Teaching Artist

Picture of Shawn Stevens holding a large feather

Shawn Stevens

In-School Guest Teacher

Headshot of Brianne Szymanski

Brianne Szymanski

Teaching Artist

Headshot of Bethany Trozzo

Bethany Trozzo

Teaching Artist

Tom Truss

Special Programs Teaching Artist

Kim Waterman

Teaching Artist, In-school Coordinator

Teak Welch

Marketing Assistant/Teaching Artist/Front Desk Staff

A headshot of Wendy Welch wearing a black shirt and a jean jacket.

Wendy Welch

Teaching Artist

Isadora Wolfe

Teaching Artist

Daphne Zneimer

Summer Guest Teaching Artist

Interested in joining our roster or proposing a class? Submit your resume and application here.

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