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Joanne Bockemuehl-Jackson

Teaching Artist

Joanne Bockemuehl-Jackson was born in Germany, where she began her flamenco dance studies at the age of 19. Since then, while working as a nurse and as a cranio sacral therapist, she has continued to dance and study the art of Flamenco for more than 20 years. Falling in love with Flamenco, Joanne went to Madrid to study at the traditional Flamenco School “Amor de Dios.” She is a Jacobs Pillow alumnus of the 2019 Flamenco and Spanish Dance program and was recently accepted to the Artist Development Program at Flamenco Vivo in New York City.

Joanne is the founder of the Flamenco Dance program at Berkshire Pulse where she has been introducing youth and adult students of all ages to the experience of Flamenco dance for more than six years.

Teaching Courses:

Berkshire Pulse