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Sandra Bonilla

Teaching Artist

Sandra Bonilla was born in El Salvador in 1979 starting in the world of dance in 1986 with the teacher Mercedez Cotto Classical ballet teacher. I studied ballet for 8 years, in 1994 I went on to study folklore from different countries of Central America with the renowned teacher, Marcial Gudiel. In the Morena Celarie dance school, in this same institution, I had the honor of being able to study Contemporary Dance in 1996 with the teacher German Paz, and the teacher Xenia Vaquero. In 1998 I received creative dance workshops, Pre-dance, specialized dances in children from 5 to 9 years in the year 2000 I received my certification as a dance teacher working in a dance company and in educational television for children called “La hora del niño” doing musical works such as “The nutcracker” in 2003 I have the opportunity to study with the teacher Jorge Gabidia and Mauricio Bonilla the beautiful Flamenco and Tango dances in 2005 I studied and managed to receive my certification as an Aerobic instructor in 2007 I received a workshop of the wonderful dance of Brazil Samba, in 2009 I study with the teacher Ruth Salas a workshop of Eurythmy. In 2010 she joined the International Dance Company Zamiras Belly Dance studying sensual oriental dance, belly dance and studying performances such as Flamenco-Arabe, Tango-Arabe and I had the opportunity to study cha-cha-cha and Conga. in 2016 with The help of the mayor and the dance company managed to open a small ballet school for people with very low resources that is still operating, in 2020 living in this beautiful community of the Berkshires I manage to form a small group of women which my dream is Let him grow up called L @ tyn Dance. Currently we do a choreography of no to machismo which is called “a tango between friends” because my passion for dance has no limit

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