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Special Programs

Special Programs + Workshops

Simon’s Rock Workshop Series – Spring 2022

A partnership between Berkshire Pulse and Bard Academy at Simon’s Rock

These workshops are open to both Simon’s Rock students and the Berkshire Pulse community. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, with spots available for 25 students (10 spots reserved for Berkshire Pulse students). Pulse community members can register for each individual workshop at the links below. 

These workshops are open to all levels, ages 14+, and will take place in the beautiful Beckerman dance studio at the Daniel Arts Center, 84 Alford Road, Great Barrington, MA 01230


February 19, 10:30am – 4:30pm
Christal Brown 

March 5, 10am – 5pm 
Acting Your Song, with Lauren Berkman

April 2, 10am – 1pm 
Broadway Jazz, with Ilana Ransom-Toeplitz

May 11, 6 – 7:30pm 
West African Dance, with Tara Murphy

Historias de Vida en Movimiento / Moving Life Stories

Junto con Berkshire Immigrant Center y Literacy Network de los Berkshires
Saludos a la comunidad inmigrante de los Berkshires! 
Únase a nosotros para contar historias y bailar con nuestro programa GRATUITO Historias de vida en movimiento (Moving Life Stories) , a partir del 31 de enero. Se invita a personas de todas las edades y orígenes a compartir sus viajes personales, historias y conexiones con lugares del pasado y del presente a través de juegos de movimiento, ejercicios y baile.  
Un traductor de habla hispana estará presente y se puede organizar el transporte gratuito. 
Consulte a continuación la descripción y los detalles del programa.

¡Registrate aquí! 

Moving Life Stories (MLS) es una clase de movimiento creativo específicamente para la población inmigrante en los Berkshires. Cada clase se centra en un tema como Confianza, Conexión, Transiciones, Santuario. Los participantes son guiados a través de un calentamiento lúdico seguido de una conversación grupal sobre el tema de la clase en la que todos están invitados a compartir sus pensamientos y escuchar y ser escuchados en un entorno de apoyo. Basado en esta conversación, se crea un baile y se comparte al final de la clase. En estos dos ciclos de talleres aprenderemos diversas formas de contar y encarnar nuestras historias a través del juego, el movimiento creativo y la creación de “minidanzas”. No se requiere experiencia previa en movimiento y la clase es apropiada para todas las edades.

Fecha, Horas y Lugares
Sesión 1: 31 de enero – 23 de marzo
Sesión 2: 2 de mayo – 1 de junio
Lunes 6:30-8:30pm en St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church ~ 67 East St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

In partnership with the Berkshire Immigrant Center and the Literacy Network of the Berkshires
Hello Berkshire immigrant community! 
Join us in storytelling and dance-making with our FREE Moving Life Stories program, starting January 31. People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to share their personal journeys, stories, and connections to places past and present through movement games, exercises, and dancing.  
A Spanish-speaking translator will be present, and free transportation can be arranged. 
See below for the program description and details.

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Moving Life Stories (MLS) is a creative movement class specifically for the immigrant population in the Berkshires. Each class is centered around a theme such as Trust, Connection, Transitions, Sanctuary. Participants are led through a playful warm-up followed by a group conversation about the theme of the class in which all are invited to share their thoughts, and to listen and to be heard in a supportive environment. Based off of this conversation, a dance is co-created and shared at the end of the class. In these two series of workshops we will learn various ways to tell and embody our stories through play, creative movement and the creation of mini-dances. No prior movement experience is required and the class is appropriate for all ages. This program is open to all interested participants, regardless of cultural background, age, or ability

Date, Times, and Locations
Session 1: January  31 – March 23
Session 2: May 2- June 1
Mondays 6:30-8:30pm at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church ~ 67 East St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

BodyStories with the Brain Injury Association

October 27 – January 12 (9- week session)
Wednesdays 2 – 3pm on Zoom
For information and registration, email

Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts and Berkshire Pulse Studios have partnered to offer a series of 9 creative movement classes on Zoom called BodyStories. BodyStories has been created specifically for people with brain injuries, their caregivers and family. Classes include a variety of exercises and movement explorations that can be altered to adapt to any space, ability or level of mover. The goal of BodyStories is to deepen participant’s understanding and relationship with their bodies while expressing themselves through movement. Classes focus on proprioceptor skills, balance, kinesthetic awareness, and fun! Participants can take class with their videos on or off and join in or opt out at any point.  Classes are designed to be adapted by participants with ease and provide a great way for people to connect and stay active.

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