Picture of Shawn Stevens holding a large feather

Shawn Stevens

In-School Guest Teacher

Shawn Stevens, recognized as “Red Eagle,” is a registered member of the Stockbridge Munsee Band of Mohicans. While their ancestral lands once extended throughout the Hudson Valley along the river and into 4 states, they now call Bowler, Wisconsin home since 1859.

Some of his accolades:

  • Enrolled Tribal member of The Stockbridge Munsee band of Mohicans
  • Chairman of Tribal Language and Culture committee.
  •  Vice President of the Historic preservation committee
  • Tribal Historic preservation monitor.
  • Mohican language scholar.
  • Spiritualist & sacred ceremonial bundle carrier.
  • Storyteller
  • Herbalist and holistic healing.
  • Ordained minister of The Church of Universal light.
  • Native American artist, Drummer, singer, flute player and musician
  • Speaker (Sharer) of indigenous culture, history and prophecy
  • And really nice guy! 🙂

With his accolades, Shawn does many types of presentations around the country. His Indigenous background, along with being multicultural, drives him to share his teachings with all Children of mother Earth believing we are one family on one planet with a common mother. He says that he was taught by elders who said long ago that the world would one day come to the indigenous peoples for direction. Having lost, forgotten, or had their ways taken from them, they have forgotten their indigenous ways of being attached to this world and their original ways. The world will become sick, and it’s our duty to share with them how to heal the earth, and live in harmony with all life forms.

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