Musical Theater Collective, for ages 10+


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With Tom Masters, Teak Welch, and Wendy Welch, plus guest artists

The Musical Theatre Collective focuses on all the elements of Musical Theatre. The Collective includes dance, acting, movement and vocal workshops in which students will learn a series of musical numbers and scenes in a variety of styles encompassing many genres. Focus will be placed on development of healthy vocal technique, rehearsal skills, audition technique, repertoire selection, and the integration of character development into the performance of selections from the Music Theatre repertoire. The music/vocal component will include both solo and ensemble work with an emphasis on building the student’s confidence, technique and skill in performing musical theatre. The acting/vocal component will focus on bringing the student’s acting technique into song all the while adapting to the demands of Musical Theatre. The dance component will focus on basic technique and development of skills across the Musical Theatre dance discipline.

Saturdays 2-4pm
January 20 – May 11
$300 for the full session

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