Scottish Country Dance, Open Level

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With Ted Randolph

Wednesdays, 7:30-9:15pm starting January 10

Scottish Country Dancing is descended from the English dancing of the 17th century, but
soon after being introduced in Scotland, evolved into its own style with the adoption of
distinctly Scottish figures and technique, both from Highland dancing and from French
ballet. A social dance form, Scottish Country Dancing is done in a set of (usually) 3 to 4
couples in two lines facing one’s partner, dancing with all the others in the set, and
changing partners for each new dance. Scottish dancing emphasizes teamwork and
sociability, as well as the correct technique required to do the footwork. The goal
throughout is enjoyment!

In a typical class, we may review a point of technique or styling, and then practice the
patterns or formations needed to do a particular dance. Then we dance it! Tunes for the
dances are traditional Scottish jigs and reels, and a slower tempo called “strathspey.”
No prior experience is necessary, there’s no need to sign up with a partner, and no
special footwear is required (comfortable flat-soled shoes or sneakers are fine).
This class is open level AND drop-in. Accordingly, we are committed to teaching
beginners the basics whenever they appear! And while consistent attendance is
encouraged as the best way to learn SCD, there is no registration or commitment to
attend a certain number of consecutive classes. Payment (currently $10) for each class
is handled at that class. The first class is free.

*Please note that this program is a rental and does not qualify for Berkshire Pulse’s Tuition Assistance program. Please contact the organization above to inquire about registration, payment, and potential financial aid.


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