Taekwondo, for ages 4-adult

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With the Martial Arts Institute of the Berkshires

Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm
Wednesdays, 7:15-8:15pm
Saturdays, 11:30am-1:30pm


Taekwondo is the Korean style of martial arts that translates to the art of kicking and punching. MAIB martial arts focuses on the Kukkiwon style of Taekwondo, while also providing so much more. At MAIB, the goal of cultivating a healthy mind and body is accomplished by developing our students both physically and mentally, while encouraging spiritual connections that meets the individual’s needs. We exercise all of the body’s muscles, including the core muscles, and energize the meridians and organs, so that student develops both internal and external strength. We help students focus, and to develop their self-control and self-discipline so that they can increase their self-confidence. Students learn to improve their quality of life by always seeking a peaceful mind and a healthy body. Grand Master Brown’s goal is to provide an institute that promotes peace and harmony in the community while reducing the effects of stress encountered in life by people of all ages. He promotes this by encouraging his students to do their best everyday to: train/exercise, meditate, and to eat nutritiously; all of which help to clear the mind, to strengthen the body, and it’s immune system. With less stress, people are better equipped to: overcome challenges; to combat injury, illness and disease; and increase their sense of well being and happiness.

The philosophy of MAIB is about competition with oneself and cooperation with others. It is also based on the tenets of Taekwondo, which are respect; humility; perseverance; self-control and honesty. MAIB also emphasizes safety, and the importance of a strong connection to the Berkshire community through outreach programs, demonstrations, and fundraisers for non-profit organizations or charities.

For more information and registration, contact us through our website: maibtaekwondo.com
Or by phone at (413) 528- 9560

*Please note that this program is a rental and does not qualify for Berkshire Pulse’s Tuition Assistance program. Please contact the organization above to inquire about registration, payment, and potential financial aid.

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