Soul Steps Recap

group of students learning step dance

Maxine Lyle and Soul Steps (a NYC-based dance-theater company) came for a 3 week residency this Spring, teaching the art of African Step Dance to over 100 adults, teens, and youth at Pittsfield High School, Taconic High School, and Berkshire Pulse.

The program consisted of 5 core elements: in-school classes, in-school sharing, studio time for Soul Steps to develop their work, a free community workshop, and a free presentation of excerpts of Step Show: The Musical, highlighting work that was developed during this residency. A student participant reflected, “I wouldn’t change anything. I feel that they are a perfect group.”

We’re so grateful to have this partnership with Soul Steps, which is made possible by NEA Challenge America and a private donor. Thank you!

Creative Movement Residency Recap

Pulse Teaching Artist Molly Hess offered 3 weeks of Creative Dance to Richmond elementary students, featuring a 10-15 minute structured warm up, and lessons that explored dance concepts focusing on Place, Pathway, Relationship, and also bringing in other concepts like level, speed, pattern, and body parts.

Thank you to the amazing students for being so open, creative, and hard working! Everyone had a lot of fun each week and retained a lot from previous weeks, really allowing them to make more complex choices with their explorations.

This program was funded by the Richmond Consolidated Schools and Richmond Education Enrichment Fund. Thank you!

Innovate, Inspire, Dance!

Berkshire Pulse invites you on Tuesday, May 7 at 6pm to The Foundry for an evening of innovative & inspired dance created and performed by the 2023/2024 members of the Berkshire Pulse Young Choreographers Workshop and Young Choreographers Initiative

This program is a fundraiser for our Diane Pearlman Young Choreographers Initiative Scholarship.

Launched in 2023, this scholarship underwrites the Young Choreographers Initiative tuition for all students, as well as the senior choreography project, providing graduating dancers with the studio space, professional mentorship, and production support needed for the senior solo creative process. Choreographic exploration and process is an essential component of the Pulse Youth Performing Arts Program curriculum, incorporated into classwork beginning at age 6 and continuing with increasing intention as students progress throughout the levels.  

Can’t make the presentation? Support the Diane Pearlman Young Choreographers Initiative Scholarship here.

Come Shake Your Soul!

Shake Your Soul®

with Madeline Despres-Chen

Shake Your Soul® is a movement practice that relaxes the nervous system, energizes the body, and awakens the soul through a fluid dance repertoire set to music from around the world. All levels welcome!

Class typically begins with a Qi Gong warm up followed by movement sequences that help you connect with your fluid nature. The final portion of the class includes creative exercises that allow for individual expression, solo exploration, and moving in pairs or with the group. This class is about feeling and embodying, not about how you or your movement looks. Participants are encouraged to adjust any movement that is offered according to their own needs and level of comfort.

All Levels – Ages 18+ – 📆Thursdays – 5:30 – 6:30pm & 📆Fridays – 9:00 – 10:00am

Thank You Soul Steps!

This past Saturday, April 6th Soul Steps concluded their 3-week artist residency with Berkshire Pulse by teaching a step class and sharing excerpts of their work with our community. During their residency, the company reached approximately 70 students at Pittsfield High School and Taconic High School, leaving a lasting impact on the students. We are incredibly thankful to the Soul Step artists for their care, energy, and inspiration, and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership next year. Thank you so much, Maxine, Destiny, Daisha, Brandon, and Mark!

Berkshire Pulse