2021 Tuition Assistance Application

Thank you for your request on tuition Assistance feel free to download and send in 2020-21 Student Tuition Assistance Application.  Or fill out the form below.

Parents may drop off a hard copy of IRS Form 1040 at the Berkshire Pulse, or email a digital copy to Finance Director, Susan Ingersoll: susan.pulse@gmail.com

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The completed form and 50% tuition must be submitted at the time of registration.


Please send Berkshire Pulse 2019 or most recent IRS Form 1040 with all attached schedules and
business IRS schedule C.

Both parents must submit 1040 if filed separately.

Include all sources of income, including but not limited to salary, tips, bonuses, maintenance and child support;

Parent/Guardian # 1

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Parent/Guardian # 2

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Please explain why you are applying for tuition assistance:

Please provide any additional information you think we should consider:

Tuition Assistance will be granted to students where combined annual gross household income is at or
below $50,000. For those not meeting this guideline, assistance will be equally considered if extenuating
circumstances apply. Payment plans are available.
Tuition Assistance is available for Community Class Pass only, not individual class payments.
All applications will be evaluated based on financial need.
Please note: Tuition assistance may not be used for the following:

  • Performance Fees
  • Late Registration Fees
  • Fees for Private Lessons
  • Payment of overdue tuition owed for prior sessions
  • Dancewear or Merchandise
  • Workshops
  • Gift Certificates