We’ve Been Chosen for the Big Y Community Bag!

Throughout the entire month of April, each time you purchase a $2.50 Community Bag at the Big Y in Great Barrington, Berkshire Pulse will receive a $1 donation. This is a great way to support the environment while also supporting the accessible arts programming at Berkshire Pulse!

The Community Bags are located on displays around the store and at the checkout. Our goal is to reach 200 bags ($200 in donations), We are confident we can get there with your help!

Starting this Friday, tell your friends and family to grab a Community Bag or two while they’re stocking up on groceries.

Not One, But Two Upcoming Performances!

See some of our inspiring teaching artists perform new works at the Foundry in West Stockbridge this month!

This Friday, April 1st…


New work by Fiona Scruggs

“Qualia” is a multi-piece work that illustrates the concept of qualia, which is defined as one’s own individual experience and consciousness. “Qualia” illustrates the cyclical and ephemeral nature of time, space, and energy and their relationships to our perception of transient experiences.

Research for this performance includes Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory (1931), Giorgio De Chirico’s metaphysical paintings, essays and articles expounding on the relationship between time and history, and the artists’ unique personal perceptions of time, space, and energy.

Next Friday, April 8th…

In the Crook of the Elbow

New work by Gillian Ebersole + Shannon Nulf

In the Crook of the Elbow asks the question “What is dance if not joy?” Choreographer and poet Gillian Ebersole joins with dancer Shannon Nulf to explore the intersection of movement, spoken word, and embodied delight.

REMINDER: April Break Is 4/16 – 4/22

All Youth classes are on break. Announcements regarding Community Classes will go out to individual classes.

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