Join Us at Chesterwood for Arts Alive!

We are so excited to be opening the Arts Alive Summer 2022 series with dance in celebration of work created by young and emerging choreographers and dancers of the Berkshire Pulse community. The garden landscapes of Chesterwood truly offer endless opportunities for creative inspiration and expression!   

On June 30th from 5-6pm, join us in the studio garden for an evening of dance, poetry, and inspiration expressed in movement, featuring members of the Berkshire Pulse teaching faculty, Young Choreographers Initiative, and contemporary teen and adult dancers. This is a unique opportunity to experience four new works created by young artists inspired by collaboration:  

  • Choreographer and poet Gillian Ebersole joins with dancer Shannon Nulf to explore the intersection of movement, spoken word, and embodied delight for “In the Crook of the Elbow”.
  • Qualia” choreographed by Fiona Scruggs illustrates the cyclical and ephemeral nature of time, space, energy, and chaos and their relationships to our perception of transient experiences. 
  • Unconditional” choreographed by Garet Wierdsma explores the concept of unconditional love: what does it mean to love and be loved unconditionally? Should love ever be truly unconditional? 
  • Red” is inspired by an exercise that choreographer Cecilia Kittross did in Berkshire Pulse’s Young Choreographers Initiative, exploring ways of relating to a chair.  

A facilitated talk back will follow the performance for an opportunity to learn more about choreographers’ process and inspiration for their work. 

Senior Spotlights

We’d like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on our four wonderful seniors who are graduating this year ❤️…  

Cecilia Kittross

“Dance has always felt natural to me, as communication, as expression, as an escape from the world. When I first stepped in the front door of Berkshire Pulse at 11 years old, I was overwhelmed. I was joining halfway through the year, so everyone in my classes already knew each other and I felt like an outsider. Even the studios themselves were larger and brighter than any I had seen before. But by the end of my first class, I already felt a sense of belonging.

The Pulse community is truly what makes this place special. I am endlessly grateful for the support I’ve received and the connections I have made. Every teacher I’ve had at Pulse has taught me new ways to challenge myself, and continues to influence my dancing today. I will be attending Vassar College in the fall, where I plan to continue dancing as much as possible. Though it hurts to leave behind something that has such a huge fixture in my life, I feel comforted by the knowledge that I will always be welcome at Berkshire Pulse. No matter how far I go, it will always be a home to me.”

Keely O’Gorman

“At 5 years old, dance became my first introduction to the stage and performing. Ever since that first class, I knew that I loved the technique, drive, and creative freedom that dance gave me. I didn’t start coming to Pulse until I was 12 and wished that I had come to this studio earlier. At Pulse, I have been equally challenged and supported my teachers, classmates and staff.

An important lesson I have learned as a dancer is how to communicate your feelings and thoughts through movement. Talking and words are a very important tool for communication, but so much can be said from dance and movement as well. At Pulse, I have learned new technique, teamwork, and also to be more confident in myself and my dance.

I would like to give special thanks to Bettina Montano and Tom Masters who have been my teachers for the longest time since I have been at Pulse. They have watched and helped me grow as a dancer throughout these past years and supported me along the way. Lastly, I would like to thank my mom who always encouraged my dreams and has been my number one supporter through all of my endeavors.”

Rubielle Nejaime 

“When I was 11, I became curious about dance. From there, my mom enrolled me into the Foundations class at Berkshire Pulse, and without even realizing it— her decision that day was the start of my dance exploration that would be more transformative than I could have imagined. Thank you, Mom.

In addition to the skill, experience, and knowledge Pulse and the teaching artists here have taught me, I have also gained an unparalleled amount of personal growth. One of the reasons dance interested me as a kid was because, when dancing, I didn’t have to speak. Dance was a way for me to show myself without having to leave my comfort zone or reveal my insecurity around talking. That plan worked out for a little while, but as I matured as a dancer, I was pushed to become more–an artist. My confidence flourished, and I learned the importance of my voice being heard. Berkshire Pulse is a one-of-a-kind place, full of down to earth and inspiring people.

Bettina, thank you for constantly supporting me and pushing me beyond my limits.
You have given me so many opportunities and privileges these past 8 years–including introducing me to a community of dancers and mentors that I have been so lucky to connect with and learn from. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank my family for everything they have done to give me this unforgettable experience and to every single one of my teachers that helped me to become who I am today.

Next year, I will continue training at Berkshire Pulse to prepare to audition into a Bachelors of Fine Arts Dance program while also pursuing Business and Fashion. Last year, my senior year was postponed because of the pandemic, but I am beyond grateful to be performing my solo on stage today and have the moment my 11-year-old self dreamed of.”

Fiona Mathews

“When I first started dancing at age three, I thought of ballet class as a fun place to put on a pink leotard and move around with my friends. I remember leaping across the room in my tiny ballet slippers, imagining how I would look doing the same moves many years later. Now, I’m graduating high school, but I still feel a bit like that little girl in a tulle skirt. I don’t take ballet classes anymore, instead exploring modern and tap, but I still find the same joy in moving and dancing and just letting my body be free.

I’ve only danced at Berkshire Pulse for two years, but those two years have been full of exploring different modes of dance, becoming more comfortable moving in my body, and really just having fun. At first, I was nervous about joining a new studio, but I was quickly welcomed into the Pulse family.

I want to say a huge thank you to all of the teachers I’ve had, the classmates I’ve danced with, and my friends and family. Next year, I can’t wait to keep dancing at Brown University while also exploring all the amazing opportunities college has to offer.”

Join the SuperJournal Series

All are welcome, ages 17+


Wednesday 6/29, 4-5pm

Elizabeth Heller, ERYT-200, has created a unique and transformative class that offers student science-based mindfulness, movement, and journaling tools to boost physical and emotional wellbeing.

Through a variety of fun and simple practices, Elizabeth leads her students in developing agency in exploring and managing emotion, reducing anxiety, building self-awareness and focus, and the ability to create positive life changes after traumatic events, including the ongoing pandemic.

Students can expect to have fun, move their bodies, laugh, breathe, journal—and explore their own power to heal and create wellbeing!

Berkshire Pulse